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Another ringtone of Lee Yeon Jae, the female lead of SBS drama “Scent of A Woman”!!
I find out that Lee Yeon Jae changed her ringtone at Episode 14 hehee…
The ringtone is the cut version of this song. Uniquely, unlike the other song which is all about love, this song is not about love. This song is about youthful, about life for young people to face it, such a lovely song with a lovely melody, I like jazz kind of music(click here to listen). 😉

없는게 메리트 (Eobneunge Meriteu | Having nothing is Merit)
Sung by : 옥상달빛 (Oksang Dalbit | Dalmoon)

Hangeul Lyrics

Reff :

없는게 메리트라네 난
있는게 젊음이라네 난
두 팔을 벌려 세상을 다 껴안고
난 달려갈꺼야

나는 가진게 없어 손해 볼게 없다네 난
정말 괜찮아요 그리 슬프지 않아요
주머니 속에 용기를 꺼내보고
오늘도 웃는다

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어제 밤도 생각해봤어
어쩌면 나는 벌써 겁내는거라고
오늘은 나, 눈물을 참고 힘을 내야지
포기하기엔 아직은 나의 젊음이 찬란해

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난 달려갈꺼야~
난 없는게 메리트~

Lyrics Romanization

Eobneunge meriteurane nan
Inneunge  jeolmeumirane nan
Du pareul beolryeo sesangeul da kkyeoanko
Nan dalryeogalkkeoya

Naneun gajinge eobseo sonhae bolge eobdane nan
Jeongmar gwaenchanhayo geuri seulpeuji anhayo
Jumeoni soge yonggireul kkeonaebogo
Oneuldo unneunda

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Eoje bamdo saenggakhaebwasseo
Eojjeomyeon naneun beolsseo geomnaeneun georago
Oneureun na, nunmureul chamgo himeul naeyaji
Pogihagien ajigeun naeui jeolmeumi chanranhae

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Nan dalryeogalkkeoya~
Nan eobneunge meriteu~

English Translation

Having nothing is my merit
I’m a person who have youth
With my two wings wide open I’ll hold all the world
I will move on

I have nothing so I wouldn’t get hurt
It’s alright so don’t be sad
Let’s awaken the courage inside the pocket
and smiling today

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I’ve think about it last night
Perhaps I’m already scared
Today I’ll hold the tears and gain more strength
It’s too early to give up my youth

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I will move on
Having nothing is merit

Hangeul Lyrics : Daum
Lyrics Romanization & English Translation: aikawaringo
The translation may not 100% due to my lacking…
Please give a proper credit if you are going to use it somewhere.
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Additional Info :

옥상달빛 (Dalmoon) Album “Dalmoon-28” released in April 26th 2011, this song is on track number 3. Please support the artist by buying their CD 😉

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