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In this early December, I have a bad news for myself.
My Great-Grandma is passed away, today December 2nd 2011.
She took her last breath before 2 PM at the age of 100.

I don’t really know her; we live apart, separated by the sea. I ever visit her several times when I was a kid (around 8~10 years old), and she also come down to the city several times to visit her son (which is means my Grandpa’s brother).

She really lives a very long life. My Dad (who is her Grandson) already has a grand-daughter (Audrey), so in the other words, she is Audrey’s Great-Great-Grandma but Audrey doesn’t have a chance to see her before she died. Our relatives who live with her also said that she’s having a hard time to move her body and sometimes she unable to recognize them, she suffered dementia (memory loss).

Many people want to have a long life to live, but for some reason I think living a life too long are also had some pains lies there. People around her, peoples she loved dearly with wholeheartedly are leaving her one by one, first her lovely hubby, then her son (my Grandpa), who was died by car accident long time ago when I was a kid.

She lives with my Grandma (her daughter in law), my Auntie (who is her grand-daughter) and my Auntie’s children (it’s 7 kids, it means her Great grandchild), they are living together in a small village.

Tomorrow my Dad will flight there for the funeral. He is her 1st Grandson. Many other relatives who unable comes to the funeral for some reason (I’m one of them).

I’m a deist, who never really pray, but yeah I did (sometimes), especially for the dead.

Dear God, please take care of my Great-Grandma,
She already lives her 100 years with her fullest,
You will gives her some rewards, right? 😉

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