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Today I saw an incredible things.
It’s not that incredible actually it’s a normal phenomenon, lol.

Today, at 12 AM, I look through the window.
And there’s a fox rain, falling slowly, with the sun still shining…
The road is all wet…
There are so many drop of water at the window and,
The cars parked down there is all wet,
There’s a fallen tree near the river, it might be the works of the strong wind.
Then later, the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

I get back to my seat for a moment.
And when I look at the window again.
Strangely but real, there are no sign it ever rain there…
The window is dry, there are nothing any drops of rain on it.
Even the car parked down there, all is dry.
The road too, it was dry like it never rain!

I was like dreaming…
Am I gone crazy?
I really saw the fox rain!
One thing that still remain is, the fallen tree beside the river…

Logical explanation :
The sun is shining strongly to this earth, so the wet road, the wet window, and the wet car parked there, get dry fast, it’s just take a moment for those things to get dried.
It’s GLOBAL WARMING!!! Muahahaha~

Aw… Sorry for jumping into my nonsense 😀

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