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People Come And Go

Ever heard about this phrase, that people come and go? Yes, that’s right that people come and go.

You just need to grab their hand before they go.

Try stay in touch with your friend is not a bad thing to do. Perhaps sending a text saying “Hey how are you doing?” is also good. And if they didn’t grab back your hand, It’s okay, at least you have been reaching out your hand for them, life is go on. Make new friends. Make yourself available when they’re hangout. If they don’t ask you to hangout, why don’t you ask them to? by saying “hey there are midnight sale, let’s go shopping” or perhaps there’s a new restaurant open, ask them “Hey, let’s try the new restaurant near that corner street! Ladies night!”

I used to be alone, been single for 7 years, single for 7 years but not lonely because of them. I always try to be available when they asking for hangout, even I’m late. sitting down and chit chat with coffee or have a drink/two is fine. Even I don’t like gossiping, was trying so hard to listen to their gossip, and try laughing along with them, well I can keep it up, not everyday though. In fact, their presence are precious to me.

And remember don’t ditch your friend away once you hook with a guy. You’re dating and breakup. but friends always there. I’ve been through it, and me who can stay happy as I am right now is thanks to them. So make yourself equally available, so you don’t feel empty once you break up with your bf, because you still have your friend around, hugging you and said “It’s okay! Let’s have some fun.”. Life is not over yet, indeed.

Have a nice day!

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I feel so pissed off today…

Yesterday a friend of mine asks me if I want to go watch Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn with her or not. And I say, yeah I would like to. But then today 8 o’clock in the morning she was like calling me while I’m in a shower, I got 3 missed calls. Then I call her back and she asks me if I can watch the movie on 7 PM. She’s my friend for such a long time, how can she don’t know that I can’t watch movie on 7 PM, I got traffic at that time so I couldn’t make it. I can watch at 7:30 PM, and it’s only 30 minutes gap, but she prefer watch it at 7 PM with her other friends. The movie schedule has both 7 PM and 7:30 PM.

The question is… :
Did all of her friends will be dead if they watch this movie 30 minutes later?

I was being left behind today just because of those 30 minutes. She don’t even say sorry, after asking me to watch with her yesterday, suddenly cancelled everything this morning and she even break her promise. She was promised me to watch this movie together.

The way she did this makes me realize that I’m not even count to be one of her friends. Only 30 minutes she won’t wait and just left me aside. The point is not that I’m wanting so much to watch this movie, but the way she choose over that friend and me, and the gap 30 minutes. I also think that If she think of me as her friend, she wouldn’t do such a thing to me.

She makes me disappointed to the point that, if she ever needs me again, I don’t want to accompany her anymore, that I can just break this 10 years friendship. But I know it’s just the childish of me. Even I said so I couldn’t do that. I’m just in a state of furious now.

After some time passed, I’ll get myself back, and everything will be okay.

The point is, you might not realize that what you were did, what you were said, is hurting another person. You think it’s a normal thing, normal joke, when another person might be disappointed and sad like this, so you should be careful of everything you did.

Some people will only let this slide aside,

One of them might said that “We are human“, or “we cannot please anybody” as their alibi, their reason to prove that they’re doing a right thing. Do you know what’s the different “Won’t” and “Can’t”? If you said “we cannot please anybody”, then it should be at least you trying to please them but it didn’t work, it’s different if you are not even try to please them.

And some of them are different, they will just stay calm, whining on their blog (just like what I’m doing right now –LOL), and then pretend like they didn’t get hurt at all. In the other side, they actually remember each thing you did to them, hold grudge on you, and then when one day comes they will take revenge!!! MUAHAHAHAA~ (okay, okay, I’m just joking >xD)

I hope everyone who jump into this side, won’t do such a thing to their friend, it’s hurt, really. If you did, at least say “sorry” and ask for forgiveness, not to God! but to the person you hurt.

Most of my friends are male. They don’t really like such a Twilight Saga thingy. But they’re great friends, even they don’t really into this movie, they willing to watch it with me, so tonight I’m going to watch Breaking Dawn with 2 my male friends, they already bought the movie tickets now. Yayy~ 😉 Thanks guys!

Okay, I’m done whining today xD
There are still another some hours before tomorrow,
I hope I can turn this sad day into happy day. 😉
I’m sorry if you’re jumping to this post!

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What is consideration?
Consideration is the action of careful thought concerning something, or sympathetic regard.

Who this post for?
Actually this post is for my friend who lack of consideration (but since this is my secret blog, that person wouldn’t find my writes, but I hope people who read this can be more considerate to the others).

When do people need to be considerate?
When they had a different thought concerning something.

For example:
Not all people can be considerate each other, among 8 person’s friendship, it’s not like they have the same hobby right? Maybe two of them has fishing hobby, one of them is motorcross, three of them is a religious, and the rest is a drama lovers. Of course they want to talk about their own interest right? Sharing what they like to do or whatever, but maybe among that 8 person doesn’t like to talk about fish. But they shouldn’t stop them talk about fish right? This is the consideration I mean. At least they should appreciate each other by not trashing the others outside their own interest. That’s what I thought.

How? -Learn to Appreciate the Other-
Well, if that’s not your interest, why don’t you want to hear it? Learning something outside your interests are also a knowledge. You can learn about the other world, plus you can make your friend happy by listen to what they said. I think this is part of friendship too. That wouldn’t be hard, all you have to do is listen carefully, then you will find its fun to learn somethings new!

Who need consideration?
Consideration isn’t something that only a-going-to-be-married-couple’s need, but also in this life, many aspect in this world need consideration. Your work environment, family, friends, even netizen, etc.

Different Shape of Consideration
When you’re talking about hobby or interest of course we need consideration. But there are some people who think a different way.

1st Case:
“if I don’t like that topic(hobby/interest), why don’t they considerate my feeling that I don’t like the topic? Why should I’m the one who need to be considerate? Why don’t they stop talking about it.?”
Okay, if this is the case, then that’s your egos, get rid of it.

It’s different case if we are talking about “teasing/joke”
2nd Case: if a person don’t like to be teasing around, or somekind of dirty joke, then we -as his/her friends- should being considerate by not joking like that in front of him.

Another Example:
This things are good for fans and anti-fans in entertainment industry too. Well if they don’t like this singer or this actress, they should considerate each other and not trashing the others.

Something that might be precious to us, not always precious for them

So we should appreciate it. If we don’t like their songs or their shows, then you just no need watch it, don’t bashing them around with bad mouthing.

That’s it! Consideration!
Very needed to make a harmony!
Harmony among friendship.
Harmony among this life.
Doesn’t it sound beautiful to had a peaceful life?

Thanks for jumping into my page 😀

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I found this phrase somewhere :

It’s not important to have many friends.
What is important is to have real ones.

Makes me wonder…
What is “Friendship”, to make friends? Maybe.
For the rest of my life, maybe I never find the real friendship. I’ve been trying many ways, with full heart, love my friend and try to be there always.
But in this world, to be loved back, it’s magic.
Sometimes even we treat them very well, we loved them very much, doesn’t means they loved us as well as we loved them, right?

Mono friendship

Friendship with same gender, if they in the same line, there will be a competition. Friendship, sometimes only good things to be said but sometimes That’s not true.

Do you know this phrase?
“You best friend is your best rival.”
This is not happen only to me, but many people too.

I remember this when I watch SBS currently Airing Drama “Lie To Me“, there are My Best Friend is My Best Rivalkind of Friendship there, between Ah Jung and So Ran. That kind of Friendship is True! And it’s really happen in real life.

Story of Mine
I have one best friend, maybe not really best, but the closed one. And she was my best rival too. It’s happen when we still in high school, she always see me as her rival maybe. At first I didn’t realize it. She always told me that she didn’t study when it comes to an exam,”what? Study? Oh come on?” which makes me relieves, because “oh, there’s another person who doesn’t study”, and I low my guard (this is part of myself too, I’m quite lazy lol), when she told me to not study, I’m not study. And then on the exam day, she ignored to cheat with me, I was like a fool, she pretend as she didn’t hear me, and when the exam results are up, she got the jackpot, and I’m down to hell.

At that time I realize…
I’m not her best friend, but her best rival.
It’s not happen only for the grades, even
Boyfriend like how good your bf, how great my bf,
Online games like what level are you,
Fashion like this dress those shoes,
Things like having this kind of gadget and those PC,
Jewellaries like having this rings necklace earrings, and so on.
I know this is childishness but She always see me as her rival, till the point I’m sick and I throw a distance. I’m tired… I’m looking for a friend… Not a rival.

But even as a rival too, friends are friends, we have spend many good times together too, shared about what we thought, same hobby, talking heart to heart. Friendship normally is a fine thing. As if a light, there will be a shadow.

The positive and negative for having a best friend as rival:
1. The positive one is, you had a goal. Makes you want to do more, and makes you to be hard worker, because you really wants to beat up your rival.
2. The negative one is, you never feel enough because you keep comparing yourself to another. Well… Life is never enough.

Hybrid Friendship

Friendship with different gender, there are possibility to have a delusion. Maybe some of you ever experience it, hybrid friendship, a guy and a girl friendship. At first, maybe it’s really started with a pure friendship, but as time goes by, it doesn’t mean anything wouldn’t grow, you perfectly know what I mean right? It’s Love!

It doesn’t mean there’s no perfect friendship in relation between guy and girl. It’s possible! But there are other probability too. Delusion I means here is the situation where someone got a wrong feeling, maybe the guy being care over a pure 100% friendship, where the girl, got a delusion that she’s being loved by the guy. That’s why sometimes, you don’t need to be too nice with someone lol. Sorry if I’m taking an example with a “girl” since “woman” is the one who always get delusion, sometimes happen to “man” also.

Okay, back to topic.

A Best Friend isn’t something forever.
For Example:
She might be your Best Friend when you’re in elementary school, but now, she’s only acquaintance.
He might be your Best Friend when you’re in High School, but now, he’s only acquaintance.

Something I got from this is, not only electronic need to be maintain, but friendship too. If you didn’t maintain your Friendship, maybe you will be an acquaintance in the future!
Having 100 friends now, doesn’t mean you will have 100 friends in the next 10 years.

How to maintain your friendship?

1. A Call or Chat
Keep in touch! That’s it! This is not something you only do with your lover. A call /chat is needed in Friendship and Family too. To keep the bond become stronger.

2. Hang Out
Yeah, hang out with friends! This is not only to keep the bond to be stronger, but also you can have fun, so you’re not stressed out. Like going to a concert with friends, having BBQ time, eye shopping together, or just having an evening tea.

I hope you have a nice friendship! And don’t forget to maintain it ;D

Thanks for jumping into my page. 😀

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This is quite good for me, I mark this as if I’m being adult, that I can get something from everything happened in my life, and become in a positive way, just like this one.

I will explain something about “Break Up” of course this one is about breaking up with your boy/girlfriend.

Furious Phase
When you’re breaking up with your boy/girlfriend. Everyone will come into this phase, you will feel pretty Irritate, till the level even talk/meet that person you “won’t”.
It’s normal, we could say that It’s needed for “Transition Phase“, from someone who used to be in your heart, become nobody in your heart. So you will meet this “Awkward Situation“.
But if you done this you can become his/her friend, and get a pretty nice friendship.

Everyone in this world will meet this Phase. “It’s normal” like what I said before,
BUT not everyone can overcome this Phase, or the time they need to overcome this Phase are different, everyone has their own timeline.
There are some people who can overcome this phase just a day, a week, a month or a year. But there are also some people who need several years, or there are also some people who can’t overcome this phase.(But I’m sure its not that much). Do you know the phrase “Time heal the wounds“, Yeah something like that 🙂

For me it tooks around 6 years maybe.
Well it’s not that I was irritated by him that much but also because we were loose contact in someway.

Now I’m getting along with my ex, we’re in such a good relationship. We’ve been overcome the furious phase over 6 years. I think we can be friend now. Since he’s my first boyfriend in my life, of course I cannot easily forgotten him. But to be friends with him, it’s good enough.
I think we can call this “being adult” 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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