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Pinky Apple-Shaped-Sticky-Notes !!

Ahaha, lately my post is all about Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, because yeah I’m really hooked into this drama, Gosh, since I watch the 1st episode, there’s no episode which doesn’t makes me laugh! each of all episode is making me laugh so hard! Great romcom such as The Greatest Love 😉

…and I think this scene is quite funny LOL~

So she was reminiscing what Choi-sajang said, that she’s “특별/special”, “핫/Hot”,  that he was “질투/jealous”. Gosh which girl wouldn’t faint being loved like that, Choi-sajang such a cute guy. Especially when the song 사랑에 빠졌나봐 (Sarange ppajyeonabwa / It’s seems I fall in Love) was played on that scene, sung by Yuria (DNPD), this song is included in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop OST Part 2.

I like the way they go on date, not awkward at all, and seems so comfortable (even it’s just a normal date, watching movie at cinema, and play games on game center in a Shopping Center), peoples nowadays are tends to have such a date, but this movie makes something usual become so perfect, the OST of this drama “Happy” also played as the background song on this scene, make it more lovely wehehe (“Happy” is also sung by Yuria DNPD, and included in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop OST Part 1) 😀

But still I vote for our male lead “Cha Chi Soo” Wohoooo~ The Killer Kisser Cha Chi Soo, he almost killed many girls with that kiss wahahaha~~ *squealing and drooling*

Actually the other reason is because she stick so many pinky-apple-shaped-sticky-notes all over her face (remember my name is contains “ringo = apple” muahahaha). I already decided to post anything apple shaped that I ever saw into my blog! xD

I’m looking forward for the next 11th episode next week~
It’s going to reach it’s climax and about come to an end soon… T_T

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These song are the insert song (insert song are songs or musical pieces that occur within the body of drama/movie)  in the Episode 9 of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop which I currently really really hooked into so badly!!!!! It’s interesting how they mixed the old songs and new song into those character image in the drama, ahahaha… ^^ here you go~

1. Miss White Lily’s Random Song

아무것도 몰라요 (Amugeotdo Mollayo / I Don’t Know Anything) sung by 박지윤 (Park Ji Yoon), the song was released in year 1999.

2. Woo Hyun Woo’s Random Song

좋아좋아 (Joha Joha / I like you) sung by 일기예보 (Ilkiyebo / Weather Forecast), the song was released in year 1996.

3. Kim Ba Wool’s Random Song

교실 이데아 (Gyosil Idea/ Class Idea) sung by 서태지와 아이들 (Seotaiji Aideul / Seotaiji and boys III), the song was released in year 1994.

I know he’s the ex-hubby of Lee Ji Ah, but never know that he sings this kind of song. It’s kinda heavyyyyy!! 🙂

4. Choi Kang Hyuk’s Random Song

It’s Korean Children Song -LOL
Titled “나무야 나무야 ” (Namuya Namuya / The Tree)

♪ 나무야 나무야 서서 자는 나무야.
나무야 나무야 다리 아프지.
나무야 나무야 누워서 자거라 ♬

♪ namuya namuya seoseo janeun namuya.
namuya namuya dari apeuji.
namuya namuya nuwoseo jageora ♬

♪ Oh Tree, Oh Tree, the tree who stood there.
Oh Tree, Oh Tree’s leg is hurting.
Oh Tree, Oh The tree is laying down to sleep.♬

5. Yang Eun Bi’s Random Song

넌 내게 모욕감을 줬어 (Neon Naege Moyokkameul Jwosseo / You Offended Me) sung by Verbal Jint (버벌진트) ft. Koonta, the song was released in August 31 2011.

6. How about Cha Chi Soo’s Random Song??

Wait… wait… where’s the main male lead random song?
I think it’s Neoran Saram, the song played in the end of the episode is fit him on that scene… 😉

From all of the insert song in 9th Episode, I like the one Ms.White Lily’s Song “I Don’t Know Anything”, and Woo Hyun Woo’s Song most. How bout’ you?

Thanks for jump jump around here~ 😀

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