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オードリーの色々活動 (Audrey’s Various Activity)

Audrey is at her 1 year 8th months now… Let’s see what she can do 😉

  1. She can sit on trolley

  2. She can make silly face

  3. She can do grocery

    I’m sure Audrey is gonna be a great mom, look at her, she already doing grocery at this age -LOL xD

  4. She can make calls

    Hello? I’m Audrey!

  5. She can take pictures

    My little niece is now a toddler, and today we’re spend a day together at the supermarket.

    PS : Actually, she’s not really make calls and taking pics, she just act as if she’s on the phone and taking pics, and the phone is her mom’s hehe  *squeeeezeeeee herrr!!!!* xD

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내 귀여운 오드리, 너무 사랑스러워~
오드리 와 함께 하루종일, 너무 즐거웠어 ^^
앞으로, 자주 자주 같이 놀고 좋겠네요

今日は17ヶ月の赤ちゃんになります! ;)

Spent All Day With Audrey 😉

Today, I’m going to a bookstore with Audrey. Just like always when I was arrived, she’s sleeping on her father’s arm. When she wakes up, we go find some logic toy for her, a ball with so many shaped hole (like square, triangle, circle, pentagon, etc), to train her brain about shape hehe. But she gone wild and keep taking many books LOL my Audrey, she feels so excited!

After that we go for drink and have some snack while chatting at Dunkin Donuts (This place reminds me of Queen In Hyun’s Man when the female lead give the male lead a dunkin’s donut LOL). I screwed their schedule, usually they go to Church at Saturday, but because of me they cancelled it (OMG! I’m so sorry, God!  >_< I feel so bad 😦 ). They playing with me until night all day long hehe, I’m having such a great time, I miss Audrey so much, it’s been 2 weeks I didn’t meet her.

Omoooo~ She Calls Me “Gomo”!!!

“Oh!, Hello again, Pooh!” 😉 -Audrey is a big fan of Elmo & Pooh!

I ever told her several times by pointing my finger on my face and said “Gomo!” loooong time ago, but what I got is being ignored by her! But then suddenly a week ago when my mom and dad go visit her, my bro told them that she knows Gomo! When my bro said “Gomo”, she took her Ipad (Audrey got an Ipad from a diaper’s contest =..= Such a lucky baby huhuhu), and with fingers she found me on the picture, and pointing it by saying “Gomo~”!!!!

Oh my God, who the heck telling her that I am Gomo? I thought her mom train her with that picture, but she didn’t! So actually she don’t really ignored me, she did ignored me but she remember what I said? xD

And today, ehem… she calls me “Gomo” kyaaaaaaaaa~ *squeezeeee herrrr* xD

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オードリーの色々活動 (Audrey’s Various Activity)

Audrey is at her 8th month now… Let’s see what she can do 😉

  1. She can eat Vegetables now (and even fruits!)

  2. She can Swim on her bed 😀

  3. She can sleep anywhere with any style!

  4. She can Standing Proudly!

  5. She has a strong desire over a gadget thingy!

She will crawling right away whenever she saw a gadget.

Today, I was visiting her on my bro’s home, she is a big fan of “Sesame Street” and “Justin Bieber”. She’s only 8 months but she really likes to hear JB’s song “Baby” (And yeah she’s still a baby) -LOL-

I’m so look into her next progress hehehe, Love you my niece 😉

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