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It’s Still on 11-10-09 ,

There’s a sad and happy things happen today. The sad thing is, I cannot met my niece at her 9th month today. But the happy thing is, someone ask me out.

Without I realize it, every weekend I’m going out with him. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. Actually I’m afraid, afraid that keep spending weekend with him will be my habit, then if one day we are not spending weekend together, I will feel empty or I loose something. I hope I wouldn’t be like that…

Like always, It’s Sunday. We are heading to Church. After the mass done. He took me to eat lunch, we talking so much and I get to know him more. Then he took me to a Bird Park. I think he remember what I said last night…

Last night is Saturday night, and I was with him too. I told him that instead walking inside the building, I like to walking outside, so I can see trees and sky.

“Is that why he took me to a Bird Park?”

(Okay, this is what Alex said in “He’s Just Not That Into You“, that woman build up stuff in their minds, take each little thing a guy does, and then twist it into something LOL), Oh I don’t want to get delusion 😦 I’ve noted that on my mind, but still…

I really like walking outside, there are so many trees there in the Bird Park, and of course so many kind of Birds there. He took some photos with his cellphone, and he ask me to took photo together too. I don’t know why he want’s to take photo with me, but because I don’t have enough courage to ask him to take some pic with me (I’m actually shy >_<) I was really happy. He keep taking my pics, when I’m not ready for being shot *crap* -LOL-, and it’s all turn out to be ugly photos T________T

I took some photos of the birds :

  1. -Introducing Philip-

    Actually a few days ago, I got into Hogwarts,and was sorted to be Gryffindor (Yayyy~!!!) And this is my owl named Philip, he is a distant relatives of Hedwig -LOL- (okay, okay, I’m not crazy yet…!!!)

  2. Kissing Bird *blussshhhhh*

    Even birds are lovely 😀

  3. Beautifull Parrot & Peacock

I was really having a good time today. Maybe that’s what people called “Happiness”. Even a really small thing that make us smile, it’s happiness.

My mom ever ask me, what I’m praying at the Church all the time, I ask God for “Happiness”. I know it’s unshaped, and easily tore apart. It’s not happiness if it’s not just a slight delight. You can easily be happy, but easily become sad and crying too, then a small things makes you smile again. It’s repeated again and again, that’s happiness for me…

I’m just hoping that this kind of happiness can be eternally, so that I can keep feel this way 😉

There’s a song “Eternally” sung by Utada Hikaru

The song is a lovely song, it’s a song that wishing the time when their eyes staring each other can be stop and eternally, what a lovely song…

English Translation

In front of me, you’re shining
I can’t see around me
Where are we?

Among the noisy landscape,
which not disappear yet.
I can’t hear anything.
But I can feel your breath

Due to this surprising outcome,
oh oh I still hope.

I wanna be here eternally
Like this, I want to stare at you.
I can feel you close to me
I can’t be without forever.
Only this moment , please be eternally.

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