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What is consideration?
Consideration is the action of careful thought concerning something, or sympathetic regard.

Who this post for?
Actually this post is for my friend who lack of consideration (but since this is my secret blog, that person wouldn’t find my writes, but I hope people who read this can be more considerate to the others).

When do people need to be considerate?
When they had a different thought concerning something.

For example:
Not all people can be considerate each other, among 8 person’s friendship, it’s not like they have the same hobby right? Maybe two of them has fishing hobby, one of them is motorcross, three of them is a religious, and the rest is a drama lovers. Of course they want to talk about their own interest right? Sharing what they like to do or whatever, but maybe among that 8 person doesn’t like to talk about fish. But they shouldn’t stop them talk about fish right? This is the consideration I mean. At least they should appreciate each other by not trashing the others outside their own interest. That’s what I thought.

How? -Learn to Appreciate the Other-
Well, if that’s not your interest, why don’t you want to hear it? Learning something outside your interests are also a knowledge. You can learn about the other world, plus you can make your friend happy by listen to what they said. I think this is part of friendship too. That wouldn’t be hard, all you have to do is listen carefully, then you will find its fun to learn somethings new!

Who need consideration?
Consideration isn’t something that only a-going-to-be-married-couple’s need, but also in this life, many aspect in this world need consideration. Your work environment, family, friends, even netizen, etc.

Different Shape of Consideration
When you’re talking about hobby or interest of course we need consideration. But there are some people who think a different way.

1st Case:
“if I don’t like that topic(hobby/interest), why don’t they considerate my feeling that I don’t like the topic? Why should I’m the one who need to be considerate? Why don’t they stop talking about it.?”
Okay, if this is the case, then that’s your egos, get rid of it.

It’s different case if we are talking about “teasing/joke”
2nd Case: if a person don’t like to be teasing around, or somekind of dirty joke, then we -as his/her friends- should being considerate by not joking like that in front of him.

Another Example:
This things are good for fans and anti-fans in entertainment industry too. Well if they don’t like this singer or this actress, they should considerate each other and not trashing the others.

Something that might be precious to us, not always precious for them

So we should appreciate it. If we don’t like their songs or their shows, then you just no need watch it, don’t bashing them around with bad mouthing.

That’s it! Consideration!
Very needed to make a harmony!
Harmony among friendship.
Harmony among this life.
Doesn’t it sound beautiful to had a peaceful life?

Thanks for jumping into my page 😀

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