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This is a very confusing question yet a really simple question, when you’re being asked “What is your dream job?”
Normally people will answer -without any hesitate- by their most wanted to do Job, the most thing we like to do, without any pressure -by salary or by another objection-

I ask a friend of mine this question and here’s the answer:

“dream job… is to study the stars 🙂
and maybe one day…
move humanity from their selfish lives to a world in the heavens where we can all live in peace! kekekek 😀
for now, I just want to take us to that first step. I really do think the world is full of too many petty desires and too many selfish people, because the only things we can care about are the things right in front of us.
Rather than the world as a whole, if there was some way we could show everyone on the planet that the world is all that is right in front of us and all that we do really have, it would go a long way in helping to unite us, I think 😦
And instead of spending all of our time and resources into making weapons to kill each other or hiring political leaders, we could be working on ways to help everyone live on this planet and from there, who knows what we can do? XD”
-I quote this, I wouldn’t remember all he said LoL-

That’s a long but valuable answer -for me-
It’s not a common thing when I have an exactly same thought with another person!
I think this world is rotten. And we need reconcile our way of thinking, not only watch it by our selfishness.

Then if u ask me what my dream job, my dream job is teacher. I wanna taught them
How to put your trash into a trashcan.
How to walk in the street.
How to queue in a cashier -of convenience store, toilet, etc-.
How to love each other -not only love your pet-
How to treat your earth.
And many other things.

I think life is beautiful depend on how you lived your life 🙂

So what’s your dream job?

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