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Cha Bong Sun

Somewhat I feel so much alike with Cha Bong Soon, the female lead of “I’m A Flower Too!” Who suffers depression Symptom B type 5.

Does it mean that I’m also suffering the same depression as her? (⌣́_⌣̀)

 Here some quotes from the drama :

You are weird,
Every single word spoken is sharp, sarcastic and twisted.
When I thought you were abnormal, you suddenly turn out to be normal. When I thought you were normal, you turned out to be abnormal, without any reason become provocative, nit-picking.
Are you suffering from multiple personality disorder?

I Took A Depression Test

And today December 5th 2011, around 1 AM, I took a “Depression Test” (you can find so many depression tests on Google).

At this site, my score is “19”, which means that I’m “Headed towards depression-LOL

 Then I took another test on another site, which leads me to the answer that I’m suffering “Severe depression” (¬_¬”)

The “Me” in Their Eyes

Also, one of my friends ever told me that my way of thinking is critical thinking, we have some argue on religious thingy, she’s a super religious woman, and I’m a reverse woman. I’d like to have a different opinion. When someone said “Yes”, then I’ll definitely “No”, or someone said “Agree”, then I’ll probably “Disagree”, depends on my mood, that is provocative LOL

Even I said that I’m having somekind similarity way of thought with Cha Bong Sun, but I didn’t spoke whatever in my mind just like her (she abruptly ask the guy “Why did you kiss me?”, and also bite bite -LOL, I didn’t bite people xD), well sometimes I did (my friend Julia said that… yeah I did it everytime lol). I’m the type of keeping it inside my head (she said that I’m totally NOT) haha.

I know it’s not a good idea to speak whatever in your mind, because sometimes, it will hurts the other party.

Julia said,

If you don’t like someone, you can’t pretend that you like them.
It was obviously written on your forehead!
Your intonation was like you’re gonna eat them up.”
 (-LOL ).

It’s not something to be proud of, really…
As a human, we need to keep our head cool as ever.

She also told me that I’m quite twisted. If someone suddenly being good to me, I will suspect them. For example when she told me about a guy who getting close with her, my answer :

“Don’t be fooled, he’s after you because he want to spy on the company profile (she’s the right hand of the company).”

Actually I answer her like that because I don’t want her to have delusion, that guy only doing shitty talks with her, like normal joke and normal greetings, she was twisting everything in her head and come to conclusion that the Guy is approaching her. But whatever I said, the fact is “YES, I doubt him.”

I don’t like to admit it, but I realize it’s true. Another example, if there’s a sale on a convenience store, like buy 1 get 1 bottle of root beer (so muchhh cheaper!!), then I’ll ask the shop assistant,

“Are these things being on sale because it’s going to hit its expiration date?”

And the shop assistant will just throw a smile and answer me,

“No, miss. It’s November Promo. Today is the last day. We got promo every month.”

If I found something on sale with the price super-cheap, somehow I think something is wrong with the item, doubtful… (but I ended up bought 6 bottle of it, I’m a root beer lover, ahahaha xD)

When someone is smoking in front of me :

Sir, can you tell why do I have to inhale your smoke gas which coming out from your mouth after traveling around through your tracheae and lung?

Back to topic,
So it’s about me heading towards depression, or already has a severe depression. -LOL

Should I go to a counselor/doctor, after looking at those test result?

Kind of Counselor I Wish To Have

It would be great if I can have the same doctor with Cha Bong Sun. The doctor is very funny, especially when she ask “How can you be shameless?”, and the doctor answer her that he dried out his “shame”, throw it into river and the fish eat it gladly.


This drama contains some knowledge about personality (It’s great to watch drama but can also learn something else), the doctor’s explanation about ISFP (Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Perception) :

I > 내성적 (naeseongjeok | Introvert)
E > 외향적 (wehyangjeok | Extrovert)

S (Se) > 감각형 (Kimgakhyeong = Tangible | Extraverted Sensing)
N (Ni) > 직관형 (Jikgwanhyeong = Tubular | Introverted Intuition)

He said that S and N are way different personality, and took example with a poop and 된짱 (doenjjang | Korean fermented soy bean paste). S will touch it and taste it to tell the different, while N will know it without trying it (Such a super ridiculous example lol xD).

So “S” will need to personally touch it, try it, feel it, ask it, even a very little curiosity, they will just abruptly asks about it. (I think I’m a bit “S”)

Weird Personality?

Maybe, I still don’t know which kind of personality I have, because people who don’t know me well will said that I’m an extrovert, but if they know me so well, they might call me introvert too… It’s confusing. I think I should take another test, the official one and get some treatment… ~_~

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