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Have you ever step into a shop and being ignored by the shop assistant?

I thought about this things, when I watch the 2nd episode “I’m A Flower, Too” a week ago, when the shop assistant, scanning the potential customer, by looking through their appearance, what the clothes they wear, the bag they are bring, from head to toe. Whether they should offer them the item or not, and the male lead Seo Jae Hee, told the shop assistant; “Scan hajima.”, means to stop scanning people like that, because it makes them feel bad.

Well it’s true, some shop are scanning their potential customer. When you step into a shop with sneaker and jersey, they didn’t give a shit, ignore you, because they think you are not qualify to buy their items.

I wonder, does their manager told them to sell things by scanning their potential customers? Actually I really hate for this disregarding. Well, that’s your job, the shop assistant job, to persuade the potential customer to buy your item and become your regular customer. Why did you disregard them like that? People are easy to persuade, just please them, some of them will gladly took their money out from their pocket (Include me) wahahah xD

Please, stop scanning your customers!

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