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Christmas Party!

Belated post.

Christmas is coming, I opened up my eyes on 9 AM in the morning and dashing to the 1st party at 10 AM, the party start at 11 AM, I also bring my gifts for Gift Exchange. It’s not a bad party, but yeah since I don’t really know the people (my friend the one who throw the party, I know know 3 person there), so it’s kinda awkward, but I really enjoy the food, The roasted galbi and sukiyaki, yummy!

Delicious Roasted Ribs
Hot Pot – Delicious Sukiyaki

From everything I got I think there’s a meaning on it. And I got this cute Sheep Clock from the exchange Gift Event,

Sheep ClockThe Sheep’s Feet are swinging !

By me having this clock maybe it means

Don’t be late!            or              Precious your time!

Then the 1st party is done on 2 PM, with the  fully stomach I’m running to the next Party

The 2nd Christmas Party with Saboteur!

We named our-self as Saboteur (actually it’s a card game, there’s a very long story behind it) ;))

Of course we having our ritual first, playing Saboteur card game! Then after that we doing exchange gift too.

Angelic Mug

Since it’s also randomize, I don’t know whose gift I got. This time I got a cute Angelic Mug, a smiling pinky mug with a pair of wing as it handle, on the top it’s written “Don’t miss a smile”, I think it means,

I should keep my white essence to the Angelic Level        or             Keep smiling!    😀

Those gifts became some lines to encourage me, thanks buddies!

Yeah after all of that we are writing a Christmas card, so All of us get a Christmas Card and named it ourself on each card, then give the card to the other friend to filled it with some words, like greetings, hope, or maybe some critics you’d like to write for the friend. We are 12 persons so each card should be written around 11  greetings (but yeah, you can write some encouragement/ wishes on your own card too, it’s all up to you), we did it while waiting for out dinner (Oh Nooo, eat again?!).

I forgot the name of this sushi, there’s a lot of sushi being served there, I’m too busy eating them up, so I only took this one photos -LOL

And this time it’s sushi roll!. I feel guilty to my wallet, for having a luxurious meal twice a day today (-____-), but then I think “It’s okay, once a year” -LOL (I’m such a great spender).

Sweet’s Deserts – ピノ (Pino – the left one) | Taiyaki Ice Cream (the right one)

ピノ(Pino) is a Japanese desert/snack food of ice cream covered in chocolate, but this one covered in white chocolate.

I really having a great Christmas Party today, how bout you? 😉

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At first I think today will be great, because its the 1st Christmas for Audrey. Everything have been scheduled. I empty this day only for my little niece. But too bad, everything being cancelled. The Church’s Christmas Eve mass is 6 PM to 8 PM, and Aniki (my bigbro) said that he can’t bring Audrey there at night, because she’s still on her recovery state. He said that they will go for mass tomorrow. And I’m already have 2 Christmas party appointment with the others, so I can’t join them tomorrow T____T

Prepare The Gift

The afternoon, I prepared 2 gifts for tomorrow Christmas Party, also the Santa Hat. They said that I should bring gift for Exchange Gift. So I wrapped it up nicely. Tomorrow will be fun.

Pizza On Christmas Eve

Then the Christmas Eve turn to be a totally bored night. I tend to watch drama all night, until my BFF (named Maya, she has the same name with the Mother of Buddha xD), she ask me to going out somewhere (seems, it’s not only me who get bored on Christmas Eve -LOL). So we go to Michael’s Place (It’s an Internet Cafe) at 9 PM (it’s pretty late of night) , he’s my friend, the boy friend of my BFF Pyoko (she’s the one who reviews my novel and gave me feedbacks). All of us are high school friends 😉

After having a chat, we decided to go eat Pizza at Domino’s Pizza. So It’s a Pizza on Christmas Eve with my BFF.

The deliciousness is not because the Pizza is well cooked,
It’s because I eat it with my friends 😉

Have A Chat & Christmas Greetings From My 2 Ex-BF

I get back to home at 12 AM midnight, and then I got many Christmas greetings from people through messenger. I got my 2 ex-bf wishing me a “Merry Christmas”, one is my high school ex-bf (have been break up for over than 6 years ago), and the other one have been break up for 3 years ago. It’s all just past,  now I have a good relationship with them. I answer them and have a little chat.  It’s really feels good. There are many people who don’t have a good relationship with their ex, some kind awkward, furious or grudge (like what happened to Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieAlthough their relationship is not dating but marriage, that would be much more complicated I think >_<), they tend to avoid each other. And I’m glad I’m not one of them. I was, but not anymore. 🙂

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Today is Christmas Eve 2011 December 24th
And I’m wishing everyone to have a great Christmas day. xD

This is 2 Korean Christmas Song, it’s pretty often being used in Korean drama especially Winter Drama.

1. 울면 안돼 (Ulmyeon Andwae / Not Cry) Click here to listen

The Korean Version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”
Seo Jae Hee (Yoon Shi yoon) also sing this song in the 14th Episode of “I’m A Flower Too” aka “Me Too, Flower”

Hangeul Lyrics

울면 안돼 울면 안돼
산타할아버지는 우는 애들엔 선물을 안 주신대요
(우는 아이에겐 선물은 없어요)

산타할아버지는 알고 계신대
누가 착한 앤지 나쁜 앤지
오늘밤에 다녀가신대
(고럼고럼 산타는 뭐든지 다 알아요)

잠 잘 때나 일어날 때
짜증낼 때 장난할 때도
산타할아버지는 모든 것을 알고 계신대

울면 안돼 울면 안돼
산타할아버지는 우리 마을을오늘 밤에 다녀가신대
(우와~ 산타할아버지 오늘 온다.
내가 이렇게 양말주머니를 놓고 기다리면
산타할아버지 꼭 오실거야)

Lyrics Romanization

Ulmyeon andwae ulmyeon andwae
Santa harabeojineun uneun aedeuren seonmureul an jusindaeyo
(Uneun aiegen seonmeul eobseoyo)

Santa harabeojineun algogesindae
Nuga chakhanaenji nappeunaenji
Oneulbame danyeogasindae
(goreomgoreom santaneun mwodeunji da arayo)

Jamjal ttaena ireonal ttae
Jjajeung nael ttae jangnanhal ttaedo
Santa harabeojineun modeun geoseul algo gyesindae

Ulmyeon andwae ulmyeon andwae
Santa harabeojineun uri maeureul oneul bame danyeogasindae
(uwahhh~ Santaharabeoji oneul onda.
Naega ireohke yangmaljumeonireul nohgo gidarimyeon
Santa harabeoji kkok osilgeoya)

English Translation

You better not cry, you better not cry
Santa Claus won’t give gift for crying kids.
(There’s no gift for crying kids)

Santa Claus know everything
Who’s good kids and who’s bad kids
Santa is coming tonight
(That’s right, Santa knows everything)

When your sleep time and your wake up time
When you get annoys or when you’re fooling around
Santa Claus knows everything

You better not cry, you better not cry
Santa Claus is coming to town tonight.
(Uwahhh~ Santa Claus is coming today, If I put stocking like this, and waiting,
Santa Claus will coming for sure)

2. 루돌프 사슴코는 (Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer) Click here to listen

A.N.JELL also sing this song in “You’re Beautiful” (kdrama year 2009)

Hangeul Lyrics

루돌프 사슴코는 매우 반짝이는 코
만일 네가 봤다면 불 붙는다 했겠지
다른 모든 사슴들 놀려대며 웃었네
가엾은 저 루돌프 외톨이가 되었네

안개 낀 성탄절날 산타 말하길
루돌프 코가 밝으니 썰매를 끌어주렴
그후로 사슴들이 그를 매우 사랑했네
루돌프 사슴코는 길이길이 기억되리
길이길이 기억되리

Lyrics Romanization

Rudolpeu saseumkoneun maeu banjjak ineun ko
Manil nega bwatdamyeo bul butneun da haetgetji
Dareun modeun saseumdeul nolryeodaemyeo useotne
Gayeobseun jeo rudolpeu oesoriga doeeonne

Angae kkin seongtanjeolnal santa malhagil
Rudolpeu koga balkeuni sseolmaereul kkeureojuryeom
Geuhuro saseumdeuri geureul maeu saranghaenne
Rudolpeu saseumkoneun girigiri gieokdoeri
Girigiri gieokdoeri

English Translation

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Had a very shiny nose,
And if you ever saw it, You would even say it glows.
All of the other reindeer Used to laugh and call him names;
The pity Rudolf is become friendless

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say,
Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?
Then how the reindeer loved him, As they shouted out with glee,
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, You’ll go down in history.
You’ll go down in history.

Hangeul Lyrics : Yahoo
Lyrics romanization & English Translation : aikawaringo

Have A Great Christmas All~ 😉

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I really want to use this kind of horn deer on Christmas

Yeah, on Christmas day 25th I’m having a Christmas party with my friends (contains 3 women and 7 men). We didn’t gath for religious thingy, all of us have a different religion (it was 4 Christian 3 Catholic, 2 Buddhist, and me, a deist xD). We can be the portrait of a bunch of different peoples but still in harmony xD. We have a gath and share some fun together, have dinner, play some games, and of course Christmas gift. All of us will use Santa Hat, and this kind of Gath is being held every years.

Actually, this year, I want to have a Deer Horn instead of Santa Hat, but I can’t find one which fit my taste. And then when I watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Eun Bi’s Deer Horn is catching my eyes!

근데, 어떻하지 ?!
크리스마스 3일 남아는데… 😦

I have no time to looking for it since I’m working all day …
I can’t even order it on online shop, the delivery thingy will took some time 😦

I can make it

I got some crafting skill, especially making a doll or any other accessories, it’s one of my hobby (include knitting), I only do it if I had freetime, or if I want to give a special gift for someone, handmade will be great. 😉

I also found a pattern for another type of Deer Horn,

BUT…I don’t have enough materials,I’m running out of Santa’s red fabric and glue, also I don’t have wire and the headband… The most desperate thing is, I don’t have enough time to go buy the materials…

Arggghhh!!! What should I do~~~~?!
Should I keep it for next year? 😦
I really hope that there are 36 hours a day…

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Today I went to a beauty salon with my friend, Julia. At first,  we’re going there for hair treatment, but I ended up dying my hair. I always want to dye my hair.

Dark Reddish Brown / Chestnut

I want to have a dark reddish brown /chestnut hair color just like Kristen Stewart

But yeah, it turns out not the way I want it to be. It’s just black with some reddish under the sun.

The hairdresser said that the outcome will be good after several days later (really? I doubt it), It’s a bit reddish, but not really brown. I think I’ll just wait several days, and look if there any different.

It’s a cheap beauty salon actually, so I don’t really expect too much.

Met an old friend of mine

So before dying my hair, we have lunch first. While I’m waiting for the food, I met my junior high school buddy, Theresia. She’s sitting right across my table, what a coincidence! She called me by by name, Goshhh, it’s been 6 years since the last time I saw her. She brings her daughters, the 5 years Jacelyn and the 2 years Rachel. I don’t even have a bf right now, and she already has two daughters >_< She looks very different, because she always having a short bob haircut, and now she has a long hair (longer than mine), she turns into a beautiful mom. She said that being mom is hell busy. We have a chat, and reminisce some old days, and ask me if I had any bf, when I answer her “Not at the moment”, she said that I’m too picky. (Ukhh.. I hate that word, I’m not that picky, it’s just there’s no one approach me at the moment –LOL). We keep each other contact number so we can keep in touch. Then she said she should go, looking for a Christmas’ dress, so we apart there. 😉

After dying my hair and getting some hair treatment. We go from a shop to another shop. Because it’s near Christmas, there’s a SALE on every shop. So we are wandering around, look into each shop, especially the one with “SALE” written at the door. After spending so much money, we got hungry again, and have a dinner. I’ve been there from 2 PM to 10 PM.

When I told my friend (who is a guy) that we’re go shopping for 8 hours, he said,

Wow, woman sure has a lot of energy to spend like that–LOL

Well, actually I don’t really much doing shopping, only if there’s any special occasion, just like now. Christmas is coming, I have to buy several Christmas gifts, and looking for a Santa Hat for my little niece, Audrey.

So the things I got today are 2 piece of shirts, Chibi Santa Hat, Theresia’s contact number and cramped foot. 😀

Song titled “My Sweet Day” sung by Shin Min Ah, is perfect for this day 😉

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