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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is November 26th 2011, my mom having her 51th birthday. She keep growing old, but thanks God she’s all healthy. I hope she having a long life to live, send me to marriage, see me giving birth to my baby, etc etc etc hehehe~ there are still many things to see, feel, and moment to be experienced, so she should be all healthy too 😉

She made her own birthday cake, it’s a 4 layers cake, let’s called it “Snowy Cake” since it’s all white. It tasted good, will be perfect if she put some strawberry jam inside each of the cake layers.

Yesterday she said that she had a dream that my niece Audrey, come to visit her on her birthday. But then she ask my 兄貴 (Aniki/big brother) to come this saturday, but he said that he will come alone after Spelling Bee Competition (he’s a teacher). She looks so disappointed when Aniki come to home alone, he didn’t bring Audrey along with him.

But while I’m at office (I’m working on Saturday too, not full time though), I got a phone call from onee-chan (my sis-in-law). She said that she will bring Audrey there to make a surprise, so Aniki didn’t tell my mom (hehe, they’re so sweet aren’t they?!). So I meet her with Audrey on a Shopping Mall to buy something then go home together.

TAAA~DA!!! Audrey is coming to Grandma House!

My mom really surprised when she looks onee-chan coming home bringing Audrey along with her, she was like squealing -LOL. She having a great time with Audrey today. She’s always being lovely, it’s a pleasure to see her crying and laughing along with her. She’s 10 months now, she can walk 5 steps! Time flowing so fast, another 2 months she will be 1 year baby haha. Soon she will be able to call me “Gomo” with her own mouth 🙂

Another Birthday Cake from Audrey, It’s written :

“Happy Birthday, Grandma!”

Of course the one who bought it is not Audrey, wehehe. This one is a Cake from  Shop, of course it will tasted better than the one handmade hehehe…

We are having a small party in the house, my mom cook pretty much food, so we are eat it together. Then my dad come home too, so we are all together, he carry Audrey and keep playing with her. Too bad we didn’t take any pic there, because I don’t really dressed up (LOL – I look like a himono onna at home), It’s kinda shameful if I taking pic with that kind of looks (It will dropped my image wahahahaaaw~).  Actually, my mom doesn’t like to be shot, she said she’s too old for that, I still think memorize moment by taking photos is nothing to do with ages.  She don’t even light and blow up the candle, she just cut the cake and eat it. =.=

We are having a very great time today, so I think I should memorize this moment, even just with some letters on the blog. 😉

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Actually April 12th is my sis birthday,
and the day before (April 11th) after done with my work,
I’m going to a mart to buy the ingredient to make a black forest,
but too bad!
My mom didn’t put out the tools to make a cake
(the mixer and all the stuff included the oven),
that’s why this cake done today at April 16th
(It’s really late, I’m so sorry).

The Chocobar in the middle is broken,
and my handwriting is very awful *lmao*,
I don’t know how it tasted like,
because tomorrow I’m going to bring that black forest for my sis.
I hope I can learn from my mistakes before,
This one is my 2nd Black Forest I ever made.
The first one didn’t taste good.
That’s why I hope this one is delicious ;D

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