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Another sad song from “Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop” ^^
You will hear this song when you watch the 8th episode of Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop. This song is the song when Yang Eun Bi (the female lead) was dating her ex-boyfriend, we could say it was their love song. This song sounds so good, easy listening kind of song, sung by an indie band named “브로콜리 너마저” (Broccoli, neo majeo aka -Broccoli, You Too), which contains 4 member (3 female and 1 male). click here to listen

보편적인 노래  (Bopyeonjeogin Norae / Common Song)
Sung by : 브로콜리 너마저 (Beurokolli Neo Majeo a.k.a Broccoli, You Too)

Hangeul Lyrics

보편적인 노래를 너에게 주고 싶어
이건 너무나 평범해서 더 뻔한 노래
어쩌다 우연히 이 노래를 듣는다 해도
서로 모른 채 지나치는 사람들처럼

그때, 그때의 사소한 기분 같은 건
기억조차 나지 않았을거야

Pre-Reff :
이렇게 생각을 하는 건 너무 슬퍼
사실 아니라고 해도 난 아직 믿고 싶어
너는이 노래를 듣고서 그때의 마음을
기억할까, 조금은

Reff :
보편적인 노래가 되어
보편적인 날들이 되어
보편적인 일들이 되어
함께한 시간도 장소도 마음도 기억나지 않는
보편적인 사랑의 노래
보편적인 이별의 노래에
문득 선명하게 떠오르는
그때, 그때의 그때

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그렇게 소중했었던 마음이
이젠 지키지 못한 그런 일들로만 남았어
괜찮아 이제는 그냥 잊어버리자
아무리 아니라 생각을 해보지만

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Lyrics Romanization

Bopyeonjeogin noraereul neoege jugo sipeo
Igeon neomuna pyeongbeomhaeseo deo ppeonhan norae
Eojjeoda uyeonhi i noraereul deudneunda haedo
Seoro moreun chae jinachineun saramdeul cheoreom

Geuttae, geuttaeui sasohan gibun gateun geon
Gieokjucha naji anhasseulgeoya

Pre-Reff :
Ireohke saenggageul haneun geon neomu seulpeo
Sasil anirago haedo nan ajik mitgo sipeo
Neoneun i noraereul deutgoseo geuttaeui maeumeul
Gieokhalkka, jogeumeun

Reff :
Bopyeonjeogin noraega doeeo
Bopyeonjeogin naldeuri doeeo
Bopyeonjeogin ildeuri doeeo
Hamkkehan sigando jangsodo maeumdo gieoknaji anhneun
Bopyeonjeogin sarangeui norae
Bopyeonjeogin ibyeoleui noraee
Mundeuk seonmyeonghage tteo oreuneun
Geuttae, geuttaeui geuttae

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Geureohke sojunghaesseotdeon maeumi
Ijen jikiji mothan geureon ildeulroman namasseo
Gwaenchanha ijeneun geunyang ijeobeorija
Amuri anira saenggaegeul haebojiman

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English Translation

I want to give this common song for you
It’s just a very ordinary and more simple song
Somehow, if I accidentally hear this song
Feels like we are people who don’t know each another

The slightest feeling at that time
You probably don’t remember

Having this kind of thought makes me feel so sad
Even I know it’s not true, I still want to believe it
When you hear this song, your feelings at that time
Will you still remember, even just a bit?

Reff :
It became a common song
It became a common days
It became a common things
The time, place, feelings we shared together which forgotten
It’s just a common love song
It’s just a common break-up song
Suddenly everything become so clear
That time, in the past

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Such a precious feeling like that
Now only become something that you can’t protect
It’s alright, now let’s just forget about it
Although you already try so hard not to think that way

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Hangeul Lyrics : Daum
Lyrics Romanization & English Translation : aikawaringo

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This is how I interpreted this song:

It was like, in our heart there’s an mp3 player which will shuffle a song randomly depend on our heart’s feelings. So when you’re happy, your heart is playing a pleasant song. Then when you’re in love, your heart will play a love song (-LOL), and when you’re sad your heart will play “Fur Elise” or “Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5” (wahahaha!!!). Our heart’s mp3 player is way cooler than any mp3 player sold in public nowadays!

Then sometimes, when you listen to a song, that song will suddenly remind you to someone, or a moment you spent with that “someone”. Not only the song, but also the lyrics will somehow remind you to that “one” too. I remember I ever tearing up when I listen to GNA ‘s song (OST The Greatest Love in my previous post “How a Song Can Digging Up Your Memories) because somehow that song makes me remember “that guy” haha, it’s a silly memories.

That’s why when Eun Bi listen to that song, reminds her to her ex-bf. She said to Chi Soo:

“이 노래, 그냥 노래 아니야”
(I norae, geunyang norae aniya | this song is not just a song)

It’s not just a song for her, it’s a meaningful things for her contains her precious memories with her ex.

 About this song :

When you’re dating, you and your lover will have a precious time you spent together, place you often come together when you’re on date (or maybe the place you both vow love each other), days you remember to be celebrate (maybe birthday or anniversary), the things you keep from your lover (rings, scarf, any other gift you received) and also maybe a song that both of you used to love or sing together. But when they’re not lover anymore, those things just became a common thing which going to be forgotten soon. Because you will get a new lover, which means you will get a new place, new days to celebrate, new love song, etc. In the song, he said that it makes him feel sad if the girl really forgot all about it, that’s why he want to give this common song for her, and wonder if she will remember even just a bit. So the song is about a common easy listening song which is will dig up your memories when you listen to the song.

Did this song bring back your memories when you listen to it?

Thanks for jumping into my page! 😉

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