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Do You Believe in Horoscopes?


It’s been such a looong looong time, since the last time I read horoscope. I used to read this on the magazine back then when I’m still such a young girl haha, not to mention that now I’m old, I’m still young as ever buahahah.

Today my friend post this picture on his instagram.


Since it was written in tagalog, I don’t understand the meaning, so I ask him, he said :

  1. Love : He will kiss you, but just in forehead. (Kyaaaah~ *squealing)
  2. Fortune : Stop asking for cellphone loads, be ashamed of yourself. (What the…?)
  3. Career : Your feet sweat hard. (Wha…??)

Out of all that, I hope the number one really happen muahahahaha…

I don’t understand number 2 nor the 3, Number 3 sounds like I’m going to have a hard time, don’t you think so? Then my friends, Joms said :

Horoscope applies differently on every person who received it, now it’s up to you how you read between the lines xD but for me I don’t take those things seriously.

Well-said, Joms!

As for me, I only take the good things (especially the number 1, hahahaha xD), and beware for the bad things, perhaps it did come to warn me?

How about you?:D

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