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Maybe I should change the title to be, “maybe My World is not broken yet, but just bent”.

Something good happen today. Perhaps today would be the day I started to less hate human haha (sounds like I’m not a human). I am human indeed.


So this guy in my previous to-be-continued post who borrow some money from me and said will pay it back on the end of the month (February), be  gone after receiving the money. He was like gone-to-another-world-nowhere-to-be-found. He DELETED me from his contact, but he still on my colleagues contact. Do you know how I feel? Disappointed indeed, even though I’ve prepared myself for the worst probability. I try to re-add him and get pretty much ignored. So I just move on, bye-bye money.

And today, he re-add my contact, LOL. The first word he said was “sorry”, for be-gone-nowhere-to-be-found around 3 months? He said that he deleted my contact because he was unable to pay me back on the due date he promised (at the end of the month), and afraid getting yelled so he was runaway for sometime. Actually, I’m not even thinking to ask him for the money, I’ll just be happy if he remember his debt, he’s just way too paranoid.

I respect him for his attitude. He was lost, and able to find his way back. He could just runaway with the money you know, and I wouldn’t be able to find him anywhere since I barely know him. So It’s a big step, big heart.

I know that with this one person doesn’t mean the world is not broken. That’s why I said “My World”. At least people around me less evil hahahaha.

PS :

I hope for more this kind of person in the future, people who can find their way back.

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