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Today, I addded another year to my age. That’s right, today is my birthday.  🙂

Happy birthday to myself xD


My Line Play character! Come and play with me 😉

Gosh I really turn into 26 now, I wonder why time flies just like riding a jet plane, if Time is really riding a jet plane I want to kick it down the time so it would fall down,  maybe  it could slower? haha :p My birthday wishes, hmmm… please at least let me accomplish 10 things out of my bucket list on this age haha xD

I have just finished re-watched 585 episodes of One Piece Anime right on 12 AM Midnight on my birthday, YAY! It’s been a month I’m taking a break for drama world and running back into my wild adventure anime world, that’s why I’m rarely posting, tweeting or do anything about dramas hehehe. Now that the anime is still airing slowly in Japan every Sunday on it’s 588th eps, this gotta killing me softly! I better back to my drama world! (But something is missing, I usually watch One Piece when I’m home, now I felt empty *sigh*).

I never really have a special day on my birthday, especially when it’s on Monday, last year was better, it was Saturday. Since it’s  Monday, a WORKING DAY, I can’t do much. But even I can’t celebrate it with many people I love, there are many little things that makes me happy today on my D’DAy;

This afternoon, at my lunch time, I got my nee-san sending me this picture…

Birthday Card From Audrey!


“I want to write something for Gomo”2 “Yosh, it’s done!”


“Happy Birthday, Gomo!” 😉

When I saw these picture sent to me by nee-chan, I was like squealing around at office, I wanna squeeze her so baddddd, she’s so cuteeeey xD

Thank you so much Nee-chan and Audrey!!

Birthday Present from Becchi!

Birthday, of course we’re talking about gift! Who doesn’t like receiving birthday present right on the D’Day.

And faithfully on the D’day, I received this present right on my desk. Becchi is coming to my office last Saturday, she wants to inherit me a bunch of her anime/Jpop (L’arc) pin-up and poster collections, but she was lying! Actually she wants to give me the present (including the bunch of pin-up and poster collection haha). But I wasn’t there, I already go home so she put the things on the lobby with a note for me, and they put it on my desk.

Purezento&Tegami peeking-inside She gave me a present with a letter filled with wishes for my birthday, Peeking inside the present, it’s a flowery cute dress!. She’s an illustrator, so she’s really good at painting and illustrating, she drew me (a long hair -me) wearing the flowery cute dress she gave. Thank you so much, Becchi. I always love your gift. Taisetsu ni suru yo! 😉

Received Birthday Greetings

Received birthday greetings always makes people happy, especially when you didn’t even put your birthday on facebook, but don’t know how they get to know that today is your birthday, and greet you in the early morning.

My birthday have always been a secret, I never told anybody (including my bf when I had one haha). But some people around me, noted “who know me very well”, knows when my birthdayis. Usually they’re my family and my best friends. The first person who congratulate me, of course Becchi, who left the gift for me the other day, Maya 7 AM in the morning, Mom when I wakes up in the morning 8 AM, Nee-san and Aniki in the afternoon, then Pyoko-chan in the evening, and the last person is Shu. Maybe if you count it, not as much as many people who got a thousands birthday greetings on facebook. Even people in my office don’t know when was my birthday since I never told them , it’s a secret anyway, limited only for people I chosen.

PS :

It feels good you know, when someone you never told (especially someone you loved) suddenly appear in front of you with a bucket of flowers, congratulate you by knowing that today is your birthday (it means s/he asking around about your birthday, right? teehee 😉 ). LOL OKAY, I’M WATCHING TOO MUCH DRAMASSSSSSSS!!!!! DELUDED!! LIKE HELL ANY GUY LIKE THAT EVER EXIST IN THIS WORLD!  Muahahahaha xD sorry for my craziness

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