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Many people said that honest is always the best. It’s true, but for me it didn’t apply for everything in this world. The thing that applies for everything in this world is …

“Talk when you need to talk, and be quite when you need to be quite. “

There are some things that I wish I don’t know or maybe, not knowing it would be better. Doesn’t mean to deceive myself, but if by knowing it makes me grow darker, I choose not to know so it would be less miserable. Not knowing it doesn’t mean you should be told lies. It can just happen by not telling it. Lie is always a worst choice.

When Someone Re-gifted my Gift

Today I opened up my Facebook, it’s been such a long time since the last time I opened it up.  And I found out from a picture, that The gift I gave my friend is being re-gifted by my friend. The mutual feelings, of course it’s sad. I bought it all way along from a faraway place (another country) just for her to gift it to another person. Knowing it makes me doesn’t feel good at all; it makes me sad to the point that I wish I didn’t know that. It would be better if I didn’t open that Facebook that day. Maybe she doesn’t like my gift or maybe she’s struggling finding a gift for her friend so she gave my gift instead. There are a lot of question in my mind but… I won’t ruin my 10 years friendship just to ask her, “Why did you re-gift my gift?”.

 Whoever you ever slept with

I’m such an idealist person, even just a dot can ruin somebody image in my eyes. I know myself more than anyone, that’s why it’s just simple as…

I never ask this because I don’t wish to know.

And If I ever ask a question, I’m hoping for an honest answer.

5 years ago my boyfriend suddenly brought up this topic (he’s my ex now, living in Japan). I appreciate his courage and honest for telling me the things I don’t want to know. At that time, for sure I’m a bit scared of him, when he said that he “Almost” slept with his ex-gf. All over my mind is asking

“Almost…? Almost???? To which level? To what level the “almost” part? The part when both of them being naked? – LOL wild imagination hahaha

I know it’s ridiculous, you can imagine a teenager’s way of thinking from this hahaha. 6 years ago I’m still a cute pure innocence girl (LOL). I never bother with someone’s past, but it’s true that his image got a little damage in my eyes. You know right? That an idealist person is always wish to have something very ideal such as become someone’s first romance, etc etc hahaha. And the thing he told me is cracking my world, another word to describe this is “disappointed”.

I’m Such A Coward

In the other word is, I’m such a coward. I’m afraid to know,  afraid to be hurt. Sometimes maybe it sounds like I’m ignorant, but actually deep inside it’s just a barrier that I created to protect my fragile ideal world. Because by knowing it, sometimes it’s crack my world into pieces.

PS : Thank you for jumping into my page (or maybe you just accidentally hit this page LOL 😀

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