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Christmas Gift for Audrey

Today I bought a little white teddy bear…

Audrey Christmas Gift 2012

This year I’m not a petty Auntie like what I did last year (bought a SALE item santa singing dolls on January as a Christmas Gift -LOL). This year I make it on time! YOSHHH!!! I bought this little bear for 25 bucks.

Actually I want to buy another teddy bear named PP/Logo which has hinge on their neck, arms and legs so I can make the Teddy pose, Teddy-Housebut it’s quite expensive around 40 bucks (include the outfit), and they also sell the outfits with many occasion around 15 bucks for the clothes.  One day I will bought it for Audrey!!! Gomo would!!! A pair of them!!! muahahahahahaha *deep-inhale*

Look at that >>>

Cute, right? xD

*I want to have one too*

Then, it means I have to buy 3 PP/Logo (one for me and two for Audrey) which is worth for 120 bucks *geeez*

PP, why are you so expensiveeeee ??!!

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