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Spending a day with Audrey at the Book store at weekend…

Today, Audrey is a 1 year 9 months 11 days toddler, she likes books, especially the one with a big butterfly on the cover. She can speak a lot of words now, such as “no way”, even calling me 😀 I feel so happy to hear that. She can also recite one to ten nicely. 😉

She fall asleep after running around the bookstore for several hours, I think her battery dropped and need charged hahah 😀 She wakes up after sleeping around one hour. Look what I’m doing while she sleeping, taking her pics secretly  muahahahhahaa >:)


They sell  A cheap 5 bucks capo there at the bookstore, so I bought one for Pablo 😉

Now I can play the song I want to learn with this capo, I already can do the intro, though the rest still kinda hard, especially F Chord gaaaaahhhhh I hate barre chords!!! ~xO

My index finger is not long enough to hold one fret, and not strong enough to push the whole 6th strings, some of them become mute 😦 I’m gonna pwned this barre chord in 2 weeks, wish me luck! Yoshhh Ganbarouuuuu~ xD

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