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So that I can start playing Pablo I need to tune him, I bought this  Guitar tuner for 15 bucks. How to use it is really easy, just put the clipper  on the edge of the neck near the tuning keys, and start to tune it. It works great for me 🙂

Dunlop Tortex 1.14 Picks, less than 2 bucks for 2 picks.

I never thought that I would ever want to own an expensive guitar or maybe a nice capo. But suddenly, the willing to buy the stuff come, when I start playing guitar. Congratulation, you have just unlock a new category in your life -LOL-

The guitar Takamine D series (dragon series) that I want to own (of course the “made in Japan” one if I could)

 Takamine ED51C for 319$ or Takamine ED50C N for 300$

And the nice capo I want to own is the G7th Capo (for 40$) +_+

You can tell just by the look of it, it’s really looks nice, and I’m planning to buy this capo when I got a nice guitar (Pablo’s next generation) ahhahaha  xD

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