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Today’s agenda is nothing much, since it’s time to end the holiday. I got plane at noon, so I can’t do much except playing at the beach in the morning. We got traffic and running at the airport, we almost miss the plane >_<

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The disappointment

Many things that I feel lack, my companion is a good girl, she doesn’t want to go try the nightlife here at Bali. So maybe next time I’ll try the nightlife (next time again? this is the 2nd time my trip to Bali, gosh…).

She was busy with her new bf. I’m totally disappointed with her attitude, most of this trip is ruin by her. For 2 nights we get back to hotel at 10 pm just for her to talk with her BF on the phone for 1 hour, and me? watching ridiculously nothing important on TV. Almost everytime her BF calling her, at lunch, dinner, everytime.

Do you know why there are a lot of my palm picture, and the stair picture, even the sky picture and moon picture on my previous post? It’s because she’s keep talking on the phone for several hours with her boyfriend and let me got hit by many guys on the beach. God damn ruin my vacation. You know what, I plan this trip for her, when she was heart broken. Next time, no more trip with you honey. I had enough. Go with your boyfriend next time. Blacklisted!!

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