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My Trip to Bali – Day 1

Today I’m going to have a short vacation to Bali for 4 days.

To be truth, this vacation is not the best one, but good enough to refresh my messy brain. I’m going there with my friend Julie, we got an evening plane, so I arrived there at night. Since it’s already late night, we go straight to the hotel and only go to rent a motorcycle then have a dinner.

You wouldn’t imagine how I keep getting lost at Bali after renting the motorcycle with a blurry map just to find a dinner (local food) hahaha, but the local people are very kind, they told us the right way with smile. 🙂

The journey will be start the next day. 😉

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The Rental guy named Yudha is a local Balinese people, he’s cute and so kind. He gave us a blurry map. He also explain us some information regarding the tour. Too bad I forgot to take his pic, maybe next time when I go to Bali again. 😉

-to be continued-

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