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Today I got a gift from my friend Becchi,

She has just came back from her trip to Japan 😉

(I stole this beautiful picture of Kinkakuji from her xD credits belongs to her!!)

This is Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) located at Kyoto. I want to go there someday 😉

– お土産  –

It’s written 『京みやげ』  reads Kyoumiyage, I think it means “京都からのおみやげ (Kyoto kara no omiyage) which is means “Souvenirs from Kyoto“。

This one is a cute Keychain from Kyoto.

And this one, I thought it’s an 御守り(omamori), an amulet. I did ask her to bring me a Love Amulet from a Shrine there woohooo I hope it’s work!! ~ o(≧▽≦)o

Though I don’t understand what’s written there since I’m quite bad reading kanji. But I know the 1st word since it’s a hiragana hahaha… and that love kanji, I am still able to read it, maybe it’s something about love…

???|??ばえ|愛となる|??となろて|しあわせに 』 (the handwriting was read from right to left)

Okay okay I gave up huhuhu, I’ll just ask my sensei what does it means (x_x)

I’ll add it up here later if I got the answer. 😉


Added on Oct 5th 2012

Shimizu sensei said that it’s a 香り袋 (kaori bukuro), a perfume bag. It’s a popular gift from his country (Japan). The written text :

恋が芽ばえ 好きになり 愛となる 夫婦となりて しあわせに』

Koi ga mebae, suki ni nari, ai to naru fuufuu to narite shiawase ni

(the handwriting was read from right to left)

Literally means

Aroma Bag

The love seed is growing, start from liking, then turn into love, become couples, and happiness ever after.” (this must be somekind of spell!! xD)

Sensei said that it means “wish for couple’s eternal happiness”.

Wait wait… I ask for a love amulet (so I can find my love somewhere -LOL) not a couple amulet (I don’t even have a boyfriend T_____T). But then sensei said this to me;

“Don’t worry,りんりん. this omamori helps also to find a good boyfriend if you put it on every day :D”

Yoshhh, I’ll put it on every single day on my wallet starting today, wish I could find my true love soon!!


PS. The Aroma Bag (Kaori Bukuro)  smells really good, smells like an aromatherapy. 😉

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