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I never know that I can do a lot of thing in 3 hours.

I used to spend my 3 hours for nothing, like browse some crap on PC, watching 3 episodes of dramas, sleep or daydreaming. And today I realize what I can do in 3 hours, that actually 3 hours is quite a long time for me to do many things.  And maybe that’s what I should do on my next 3 hours.

Most of my life time was spent for traffic (15% of my life was spent on the road). I used to ride bus for several hours to reach a destination, such a waste of time!! I hope I have Doraemon’s “Anywhere Door” or Harry Potter’s Floo Powder (but oh, there’s no house with fireplace here Dx) so I can go anywhere with just a blink of eyes.

『06:00 PM』 Getting  The News

I received news that my best friend in junior high school, Anna, have just gave birth to her first baby. I was thinking to pay a visit to the hospital, but I can’t just go with empty handed. I’m thinking to buy her a newborn gift so I browse it on online shop, but they can’t send it for tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow is already too late.

Right after I’m done with my overtime without paid, I’m on my way to a Shopping Mall, I’m looking for a newborn gift. It tooks 30 minutes for me to reach the Shopping Mall by bus.

『06:30 PM』 Newborn Gift

I’m looking for a newborn gift here and there in the Shopping Mall. Finally I found this shop which sell many baby’s thingy. I bought this cute package of baby dress. The color I choose is red, so maybe she can wear it on Christmas.

After done with the newborn gift, I took a cab and head to the hospital. I took cab because I don’t know what kind of public transportation I can ride to reach the hospital, maybe I can find it out later. It tooks me another 30 minutes to reach the hospital.

『07:30 PM』 Meet Mariel Morganna Wang

Welcome to this world Mariel, may you become a cute-beautiful-good daughter for your parents *lots love and kisses* 😉

Mariel Morganna Wang is the beautiful name given by her parent. Morganna itself means “the brightness of the sea in the morning“. She’s a cute yet beautiful healthy baby who born at 2 PM with height 19,7” and weight 3.1 kg by c-section.

Anna was supposed to do a normal labor, but ended up with C-section because the baby’s neck position isn’t in a good position. The doctor told her to stay in the hospital for another two days before going home, if everything is okay she can leave the hospital on Saturday.

『08:05 PM』 Going Home

Actually the visiting hours is ended at 7 PM, but my friend thought it was until 9 PM. I can meet her after begging the nurse with puppy eyes -LOL. It’s been late night, and I think she better get some rest, so I’m going home.

From the hospital I need to walk for 10 to 15 minutes to reach the bus stop, and it tooks 15 minutes to reach the bus stop near my home, and walk again for another 20 minutes

『08:50 PM』 Convenience Store

On my way home, I stopped by the convenience store to buy a bottle of ketchup and some vitamin water, then walk for another 10 minutes.

『09:00 PM』 I’m Home

Finally I’m home. I should be a healthy person since I’m doing a lot of walks even I’m not doing any exercise, right??? xD

But my hip… something is wrong again with my hips…

it hurts a bit… again… *sigh* I thought I was fully recovered…

 The Day 3 Babies were Born

The next day, I found out that my colleague’s wife (he’s a freelancer who come once a week), have just gave birth to a cute baby girl (their second baby) yesterday. Her name is “Feodora Audrey” (she has same name with my Audrey xD).

Feodora Audrey

Feodora Audrey is a good name with good meaning on it. Feodora means “God given/Gift from God“, and Audrey means “strength“, so maybe it means “the strength  given from God“, what a great name 😀 I hope she’d be a great daughter who give her parent strength in many ways. 😉

And my neighbor’s daughter have just gave birth to a handsome son on the same day though I don’t know the name yet, maybe I’ll find it out soon.

It’s the first time I know that there are 3 babies around me were born on the same day, the 13th in September 2012…

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