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Today, I decided to exercise, or maybe trying to do exercise. Everyone in this world know that exercise is needed to keep your health. But sometimes, we are lazy (I am lazy! xD). Instead of waking up early in the morning to do jogs or biking, I prefer put my blanket on and go sleep again, yeah that’s me! Last year I even ended up to do 20 sit-ups before sleep, and each week I add (+5) on it until it’s 40 sit-ups before sleep. But don’t know when, I stop doing it (I totally forgot).

And then There’s an idea come up in my mind. Why don’t I’m doing “bike to work” and “bike to home”. I don’t need to wake up early in the morning, and also I can save up some money (transportation fee LOL) and also be healthy at the same time, it’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone right?

So today I borrowed my dad’s bike, he has 2 high-end bikes (a bike with gear and rear view mirror attached). It only tooks 30 minutes for me to bike from my home to my office. And to be honest, even it’s a bit sweaty and tired, I feel more sober than any other day, I don’t feel sleepy and that’s a good thing!  And the fresh air in the morning is really feels great! xD

It took another 30 minuted for “bike to home”, I feel more tired than “bike to work”, maybe because my brain working too hard at the office (LOL). But biking in the evening is the best, the view of sunset, the orange color of the sky is really beautiful! 🙂

I reach my home and find my self really tired, especially my legs. I rest for a bit, and also put some analgesic balm for my leg’s muscles. But the next day, I find my hips hurts, they said that probably my muscles is getting a short shock because I am someone who never doing any exercise. Maybe resting for a while will makes my hips getting better.

Actually 2 days ago (The day I drink 2 glass of soju), the morning before that (at dawn actually) I’m jogging with my friend, Maya at the sea shores, and after that we find our whole body ache so bad, so we decided not to jog anymore (LOL).

The question is, WHY?! Whenever I’m trying to be healthy (by doing exercise), I keep experience this pain!!! >_< Why… Oh… Whyyyyyyy….

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