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There are a lot of reasons to love this drama, but there’s no reason to hate this drama ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tee-Hee~

This is a story of 4 guys who reach their 40’s (in the story they are around 41 years old). Two of them are still single, one of them is a widower, and the other one is married. Just like the title, this is how they are still childish even around that age, and how they are grow up (not physically) into adult and be a gentleman.

I’m not falling for this drama in the first 2 episodes, but this drama slowly take me in, the friendship is really delicious (I know it’s not a food haha xD), delicious because it makes me want to have that kind of friendship just like when I saw a delicious food!! And the love story, yeah the romance is really sweet.

The Funny Part

The funny part is how they never change any actor during the flashback to 25 years ago (when they’re still a student in high school) wearing high school uniform, I was like LOLing my ass off. And how they turn into a 17 years old guy when they hang out together, such a lovely strong friendship.

This is the first time they meet at the high school

Just like the other friendship story, there will always one nerd (Oh, I love nerd haha), Yoon is the nerd, the number one scoring in academic (you will notice which one is Yoon just by one glance in the picture above~ xD) he’s an independent Lawyer at his40’s, Do Jin is the number two scoring in academic, he became a great architect at his 40’s. Tae San is the thug, I mean he appears mostly like a thug hahahaย  but in the funny part xD he’s an engineer along with Dojin open an contraction company. Jung Rok is the most easy going guy, he’s a womanizer even he’s married LOL.

The most funny part for me is when they’re talking about superhero. Jung Rok keep his favorite to Taekwon V (a robot), while Yoon love superman, Tae San with his Spiderman and Dojin who admires Batman. They’re so hillarious while competing each other about the superhero.

The Couples

There are 8 leads in this drama, it’s 4 couples with 4 love stories. It wrapped beautifully and exciting. Each of character developed really nice from each episode.

Dojin & YiSoo

Major spoiler is in this couple so I can’t spoil anything, since this one is the center of the story. Their love story didn’t affect me that much, but there are a lot of lovely scene in this couple. ^^

TaeSan & SeRa

Come to me~

TaeSan come from a rich family, he’s still single at his 40’s. He had a sister 17 years younger than him who love his friend, Yoon. The girl he likes is the friend of YiSoo, Sera. She’s a professional Golfer. She’s free and follow her carrier. The major issue here is the pride, money, career and marriage.

Yoon & Meari

Yoon is a succesful lawyer, he’s a widower, his wife was dead 5 years ago. And Meari (24) is the little sister of TaeSan, she love Yoon who is 17 years older than her. His friendship with TaeSan started even before she was born. For me, the most love story I like is this one. I used to think that age doesn’t matter in romance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

JungRok & MinSook

What I want you to do is only this, just stay with me like this, pat me gently until I fall asleep, and being able to see your face next to me when I open my eyes in the morning.

(this is what the wife said to her hubby…. I really touched by her word.)

JungRok married to MinSook, she’s older than him and very rich. But JungRok is a womanizer, he keep having affair with another woman. This story is telling us about the problem after marriage. Some people used to think that marriage is a happily ever after, but sometimes they also got some issue such asย  the “trust” in marriage which is so fragile, the pressure to obtain a baby and how a woman feel insecure. And the “happily ever after” will be obtain once they overcome the obstacles. Their story is really meaningful for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I really recommended this drama!! This drama is really great! A must to watch especially for thoseย  who love the scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook (her previous masterpiece is Secret Garden & Lover in Paris). ๐Ÿ˜‰


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