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Today I’m watching a Thailand Movie “Seven Something”. Actually I’m starting to watch many Thailand movie to learn their language, and their romantic-comedy starting to get my attention. It was really welldone, hillarious, meaningful, and their acting is really good. Only 1 thing that is lack,skinship (LOL- I’m just kidding xD).

This movie contains 3 separates story, each of story directed by a different Director, and the duration of each story is around 1 hour, so this movie is almost 3 hours. The story starts with the magical of number “7” in age, such as 7 years old, 14-21-28-35-42 years old.

The 1st story (14 years old) is the most hilarious story, the 2nd story (21-28 years old) is the most realistic & sweet, and the 3rd/last story (42 years old) is the most meaningful for me because it was like portrait the life of my friend, Julie >_<.If you’re curious about the movie, just watch it, it’s a good movie, but I’m not going to spoil anything here xD

After watch the movie, I got a chance to meet and greet with the co-star!! And they looks way more adorable in person than on screen . 😉

Sirin ‘Cris’ Horwang & Sunny Suwanmethanont

I also received their signature!! Haha, to be truth, this is the 1st time I watch their movie. Even though I’m not really their fans, but I tempted to own their signature. It’s totally unprepared and  even the paper I borrowed it from someone I don’t know… This is the 1st signature of actor/actress I ever received in my life. So this gonna be written in my history of life! xD

Signature of Cris & Sunny

Little Unimportant Story :

Actually a few days ago, when I decided to learn Thai, I was looking for a Thai people in my twitter, and then There’s a name appear in “Who-to-follow” box because this person was being followed by 2 my drama’s lover friends. The name written with Thai writings so I have no idea if this person i’s a guy or girl.

I click it and look at the tweets, most of it written with Thai’s writings, English, and some Hangeul. My thought ‘Ah, maybe this person is a Korean-lover‘, so I look into the pictures mostly posted by this person, the pic of a pretty handsome guy, but only one guy all over the tweets. I thought, ‘Ah, maybe she’s a huge fan of  this guy, somekind idol‘, but I don’t know who’s the guy in the pic since I’m not following the k-pop idol or anything except their dramas. Then I’m thinking to ask this person to teach Thai so I followed this person.

Later after I followed this person, I realize that the number of the followers is 1.4 million, this is not a number of normal people would get. I thought this person is a girl but in fact he’s a guy, one of 2 PM member  (Korean boyband) named Nickhun =..= his twitter ID is @Khunnie0624, and I have no idea it’s him. Fortunately, I haven’t sent any weird message to ask him teach me Thai -LOL-, or it would be really awkward! >_< He’s starring in this movie too, in the last story.

Catch the trailer!

PS : One of my bucket list accomplish again! Yosh!!

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