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Learn Thai Language

I have decided that my next language to be learn is Thai because…

Thailand is going to be the first other country I ever step!! xD

This November I’m going to Thailand for a week, a holiday trip (backpackers?), my (pretty) long vacation . This trip is gonna be just me and my friend, none of us understand Thai language, our English is gonna be our only weapon (LOL). We are going by our self, without any tour guide so this trip gonna be so exciting 😉 That’s why for this 4 months, I’m going to learn Thai with my utmost power.

But, the obstacle is, it’s really hard to find any source to learn Thai language. Most of them ask for payment, and only give me some trials. I’m good on learning by doing, like learning while I’m watching drama or maybe building conversation with the native speakers.

There are many Thai-movie to be watched, a really good movie, but most of them didn’t translated properly (I mean it’s quite hard to find the English subs). I think I need at least 5 drama (series) or 20 movies to be watched for me to understand the daily talks. But it’s quite hard to find too.

So I’m still trying, I’ll do my best!

I know Thai peoples are really good in English, but even so I think it’s really interesting to learn this language even though the pronunciation is quite hard. I have learn some words like greetings, and numbers (nueng-song-sam-si-ha-hok-chet-paet-kao-sip).

I hope I had a Thai friend who willing teach me their language hehe 🙂

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