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We are in the mid of summer, and the summer is going to ended soon. Summer will always fun for me, because every summer I always having so much fun. Two years ago I spend it by going to an amusement park, last year I spent it on Bali for 4 days, and this year I spend it with my cute -1 year 6 months- niece, Audrey! (Actually in the next 5 days she will be a 1 year 7 months toddler hehehehe – Oh noo time goes so fast :()

This photos is a bit scary isn’t it?
It’s actually my Dad’s hand Muahahahhahaa!! xD

I ask my friend who is good on taking pics (photography is his hobby) if he wants to help me taking my niece pics on the pool this Saturday, and thanks God, he agreed. And all pics posted here is his pieces.

August 2nd is my Aniki’s birthday, and when I congrats him, he ask me “Where’s my present?”, TADAAA!! This pool event is my birthday present for him. I bring my Mom, Dad, a Papparazi with a DSLR camera (my friend, Bryan!), Aniki, Nee-san and Audrey to enjoy this pool time together. Unlike my previous birthday present which is usually “a stuff”, this year my birthday present for him is “moment”. This is the 1st time (and also my Mom’s and Dad’s 1st time too) playing with Audrey on the pool, she really likes playing on the pool 😉

We are arrived a bit late, around 2:30 PM, but the sun is nice because it’s going to set soon, not too hot, it’s such a warm evening. My mom and Nee-san didn’t get into the pool. Audrey get into the pool and playing with her grandpa and Aniki. I also get into the pool with my friend, honestly I can’t swim, and forgot to do warming up, I cramped my feet (the right one), so I’m not stay in the pool for a long time.

Audrey having so much fun, she playing until the sun sets, and water become a bit cold. She trembled coldly, but unwilling to get out from the pool. But then we force her to get out, and we ended this pool time.

Ah, 2 days before today, I bought a bubble gun. It’s a gun that blow out many bubble with liquid soap. I want to show Audrey what is bubble 😀 So after we all dressed up and resting for a moment, I pull out my gun and spread the bubble all over the place. Such a beautiful bubbles !! And my friend, Bryan, catch the moment with his camera 😉

And as my thought, every kids would like bubbles (including me). Another little cute girl who sitting with her family beside our table, is very excited with those bubbles. Her name is Oriana, she’s there on the pic, behind Audrey 😉  They are so cute trying to catch the bubbles.

I never own any bubble gun in my childhood, I used to play with a straw, and make the liquid soap with my mom’s dish soap (LOL), I even talk about this with my aniki, and he also remembered it! I didn’t have a chance to play with this bubble gun, and never realized that at such this age, finally I can play with this stuff haha (one of my bucket list accomplished! xD).

After having some fun with bubbles until we are running out of soap. I can’t blow any bubbles anymore  😦 So we ended this soap blowing event too. Then we all go home.

I’m so happy I can spend this day together with my family. Actually I’d love to spend my each weekend like this, but it’s not easy to drag all of them out from house and attend outdoor activity. So even it’s just once in a while, it’s precious.

The next day is Sunday and I hibernate myself for sleeping for 16 hours. Maybe my body is old enough to take this kind of activity? because I feel so tired, and loved to sleep again and again. But my Mom and Dad already wake up early in the morning and going exercise by biking for 4 hours!! Omg, am I that weak? Dx what’s wrong with my body ?!?!?! 😦

PS : Thanks to my friend Bryan who willing to come play with my whole family, and memorized this all memories through his camera and photos. All photos that was posted here are credit to him.

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