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I’m trying to retrieve my memories while my brain still remembered it clearly (but most of it, I forgot when it all happened). Here we go…

  • When someone smiling and waving his hand at me, my brain was trying so hard digging up memories to remember who that person is, but I totally forgot, Then I still wave back, smiling at him as if I’m remember, and runaway as fast as possible before that person reaching me and talking about stuff that I don’t remember.
  • When I have a chat with an acquaintance who I knew from my friend, but it’s actually a wrong person. So when I’m talking to him and call him by his name, he was like “I’m not Andrew” … so my friend gave me a wrong name!
  • When I met someone annoying that I don’t want to greet at all, in a shopping mall. I’m trying to hide myself so that person didn’t see me, I’m walking fastly while covering my face but I got bumped on a chair and fell off, hurt my knees. And the person I don’t want to meet is laughing his ass off seeing me, wait not only him but almost all people around me. Ough, how embarrassing!!
  • When I’m in a hurry catching for a lift, and stumbled on someone’s suitcase and slipped down to the floor with my shoes somewhere not on my feet. I get the lift but the peoples inside the lift is trying so hard holding their laugh…
  • When I hop out from a bus which not really stop yet, slipped down to a wet road (after rain) and dirt my clothes… and there’s someone handsome behind me want to help me get up, but afraid that it will embarrass me. I get up before he could help me, it’s really embarrass me, I even go to a dept store and buy a new clothes, and I wear it right away.
  • When I bumped with my ex or my one-sided-love with their couple, knowing that I’m way prettier than them, but I’m still stay single…
  • When my boyfriend’s Mom knows that I’m just a high school graduated, and she told him not to date me but to date my friend instead (She is bachelor of Law| BBL).
  • When I perm my hair at saloon, the hair dresser start a conversation by asking if I’m a colleges, and did not believe when I answer that I’m not taking any college. And I don’t know what should I say after that, and the hair dresser also don’t know what to say.
  • When I’m meeting a new friend, and that new friend asking me, “Which university I graduated from”, “What major I took at college”, and asking the reason why I’m not attending college. I was like suddenly become an alien because everybody was so keen to ask me that stuff. (Is college that much matter to them?)

I’ll add part two (#2) later…. (=..=)

Ah, please share your experience too! Write it down there, that would be great! 😉

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