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The Day I Lost My Phone

Today, I lost my one and only phone, it hurts me a lot knowing that I’ve lost it.

How I Lost It

I was attending an outdoor event, it’s a cosplay event. I put it on the pocket on my trousers. I think I dropped it somewhere, and when I realized there’s nothing on my pocket. I lost it. I borrowed my friend’s phone to make a call, I call it several times, it was rejected, and later it was turned off. I even sent a text, begging the person who pick it to return it to me, the text was delivered, but no reply. I ask the event organizer committee to make announcement, but they don’t give a shit. I come to the security, ask if there are someone who confess that they found a phone, but they also don’t give a shit. And the last time I’m asking the security when the event is about to over (around 7:30 PM), They really don’t give a shit. The most disappointing thing is, they don’t give any glimpse that they were even (at least) care. I want them to announce it, so the person who picked up my phone will know that the owner of the phone  is desperately looking for it. Perhaps it will makes them feel bad and return it to me… >_<

The Use of  My Smartphone

There are so many important things inside that phone, contact, infromation, my important notes. All of my recipe notes which I note it by typing it one word by one word when I’m watch cooking channel, hoping one day I can cook all of them for my future hubby, there are hundreds recipe inside… but today I realized that everything is gone… my recipe collection for the past 2 years.

If many people using autotext for emoticon, not for me, I put my kanji dictionary there, I added it up one word by one word, I created my own kanji dictionary, all hiragana and katakana too. My phone is not a perfect phone, but I make it into one, so my phone can type Japanese easily. That phone means everything to me. But today I lost it due to my recklessness.

I know that my way of thinking is too naïve sometimes, but I’m still hoping the person who pick my phone will kindly return it to me. I believe that human are not born wicked, but the circumstances lead them to be wicked. My recklessness indirectly make a possibility to turn someone who originally not intend to be wicked, to end up commit those act. You know the little devil on your shoulder who whispered you something.

The Little Devil on Your Shoulder

The moment when you pick someone else’s phone, perhaps the little devil on the shoulder would pop up and say this,

“If you sell it, you’ll get the money you needed! It’s a bless, a gift, just take it, think as if that person is unlucky, the person who dropped it is failed keeping their things, it’s their fault!”.

And the little angel on the shoulder would said;

Hey It’s not a gift if then it’s became someone’s loss, don’t keep it, return it to the owner, imagine if it was yours, you will hope the person who picks it up would return it to you, right? Remember good deeds bring good luck, a luck which is not someone’s loss.”  

The Choice

And then you will getting into dilemma, you’re confuse about what to do. But in the end, just like what Spiderman said on Spiderman 3 (2007);

Whatever comes our way… whatever battle is raging inside us, we always have a choice. It’s the choices that make us what we are… and we can always choose to do what’s right.

So, are the path you choose is the right one? or the one make you wicked?

I feel bad for indirectly lead someone into this choice, it was my fault. If only I keep my phone safely, not being reckless. There’s no one will come into this choice where the little devil could whispered them those things. Those whispers are hard to resist…


Now I’m using my old phone, Samsung Z370, which can only make calls and send text messages. Some feature are disabled, it’s an old phone, the camera cannot take pics anymore because the button is defective, the hand’s free is damaged so I can’t hear any song, and the keypad is falling apart, so I glued it and it become really hard to press . 😦

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