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The title mean that this is the continue part of Julia previous story. In the last episode (ehem I mean the last previous post about her). She’s dating her colleague who 4 years younger than her. And just like the other happy couple, everything is really sweet at the beginning, just like a bubble gum, the more you chew it, the more it become tasteless. But at least, the sweet last for 4 months.

The Heart Broken Julie

He was assigned to Bali for 3 months, and the mystery was start there. Suddenly he became so cold towards her, no text message, no phone call. He’s vanished within the air, nowhere to be found. If then a text come from him, is only talking about works. Seeing her in worried, I even convince her that perhaps he’s busy with his work there (actually I suspect him fooling around with many girl there in Bali =..= I just don’t want to see her worried for him) And then after 1 month being ignored, Julie gather all her strength and text him…

What happened to us?“,

and she got the reply which she never wish to get,

… I’m out of my mind, actually I have a fiance who waiting for me at home… Sorry…“.

Wow at this point, when she told me, I was madly angry to the guy. I never like her dating him, I did suspect him for only fooling around with his youthfulness, but I let her date him because she seems really happy for it. But what the heck did he done? Fiance? HOW DARE YOU fooling around with my friend!!

She was so sad, and crying for days, her eyes swollen and she tried to hide it with eyeliner and eyeshadow. She keep remember her late hubby, that he never do this to her, that this is the 1s heartbroken she ever experienced. But even after what he did, she can’t hate him…

Love VS Logic

After 1 month break-up, he back to the office. They encounter so many awkward moment (let me tell you something, never date a colleague!! LOL). after 1 month staying at the office, he was assigned out of town again to a small village. And 2 weeks later, in the middle of night, Julie told me that something good happen to her and makes her sooooo happy…

This is where the big difference between love and logic. She totally blind in love with him, only 1 sentence can make her smiling like that. Did she forget how did she look like for 1 month with that scary eyeshadow. Love is really amazing!

The next two days after that conversation, we are having lunch together like always. I ask her if he did really call her after that night. And disappointingly she answered me, “nope, he didn’t”, that she doesn’t understand what’s happening. Wondering why did he call her suddenly and said that he missed her, but the next day, everything back to zero, he didn’t even text her.

She told me that she was talking to another friend who has an opposite feedback with me;

I do know that Love is beyond Logic, but I wish that if one day I ever fall in love with a guy, at least some logic (a little one)  should stay with me to prevent me doing anything stupid.

What happen to that guy?

I hate that guy, he pretends like nothing happen with zero sin he ever commit to my friend. He was chased out of a village by the head village and the villagers (the place where he was sent for work) because he’s messing with a girl in that village. I don’t know clearly about what he has done, but to be chased out like that, maybe something terrible -LOL

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