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It’s Japanese-6-episodes-drama that aired in NHK that I watch it back at 2009. Suddenly I remember this when I was typing about “Love” on my previous post.

It’s a drama about a guy who traveling to the past through a time machine that he created (he’s a professor). He traveled back to 10 years ago the time when he met his wife at the 1st time, in order to prevent her meeting him, because in his present (future), he is going through a divorce, instead of creating a sad memories like that to his wife, he think it would be better if she didn’t met him at that time, didn’t date him, and didn’t got married with him, he really loves her.

He try to block her meeting him, but after all they were fated, he block her so she didn’t met him inside the bus, but she met him outside and fall for him, and so the way his past fall for her. He told her, that after 10 years she will facing divorce and ask her not to date him. But she can’t resist him, she falls for his past just the way it is. She even wonder what happen in that 10 years later, because she was really certain her feeling right now, that she wants to be with him. huhuhu… what a lovely drama (for me).

SPOILER : it’s happy ending 😉

My Best Part of the 1st episode

The song played on the video above is “Time of Love” by Crystal Kay, it’s the 1st song I ever translated 🙂 The song is really meaningful and suit the guy’s theme, he want to start over with his wife.

I really recommended this drama to be watched by people who facing a divorce paper. So they can think back, back at that time, when they are met, how they’re falling in love, how they treasure their feelings, and what they are thinking when they choose to get married.

PS :
I really love how they’re falling in love, it was like fascinated in a charm way, hope I can experience this kind of love too :p
And I almost forget how meaningful and lovely J-dorama back then, now that I was only mesmerized by the fan services of K-drama.

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