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Today my press friend Andy1076 reminds me of one song, that I almost completely forgot…

“二人の気持| Futari no Kimochi” (two people’s feelings), this is one of the most lovely 2 minutes instrumental song I ever heard and was the OST of a quite old anime “Inuyasha”, who also having a time travel love story huhuhu.

Somehow when I hear this song, suddenly some scene of Queen In Hyun’s Man popped up in my head!! Not only because the time travel’s Nuance, but also the song which somekind sounds so peaceful, sad at the same time, wondering, and I think suit the drama hahaha.

I’m a big fan of Inuyasha, even until now, the poster Inuyasha still hanging on my bedroom wall! (I put it on my wall when I was junior high school…).

I’m watching the whole anime is really pain in ass, I spent my entire childhood to watch this anime every week! And there’s no sign of any closure to the end until (okay I admit it) I dropped it when I was graduated. But then year 2009 they make “InuYasha: The Final Act“, which ended at 26th episode!



I never watch it until it’s ending, but today I have just watched it. So it’s the girl, Kagome has finished her mission (to collect all pieces of the Shikon no Tama), so she has no reason to be there anymore and should go home. But the path she choose is leaving her modern world and living in the past, building a family with Inuyasha. She try to adapt herself there in the past.  Such a sweet story of the two of them. Actually I thought Takahashi sensei gonna make Inuyasha reincarnate or else hahaha, thank’s God it didn’t happen!

I hope Queen In Hyun’s Man will also have this kind of ending… of course the reverse version! *giggle*

PS : Sorry for jumping into my nonsense!!! xD

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