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Watching Movies at Cinema

Ah today I marathon some movie on the Theater. Actually I’m a bit lonely last week when my friend go to Korea for 7 days. She’s my watching-movie-at-cinema partner haha. When she gone there, I have no partner to watch any new movies. So when she come back, we watch 2 movies “Safe” (starring Jason Statham) and Man In Black 3 (starring Will Smith).

Safe (starring Jason Statham)

I love action, and this movie is really awesome. I love how they pull the gun, and how each bullets hit their bodies (OMG did I sounds freak?? xD). This movie is really exciting from the beginning to the end, fully action. And I remember my another friend when I ask him if he watch this movie, he said that he doesn’t like Jason Statham movie because it was fully action and the male lead was like OP (over-power) hahaha, like a superman. But I thought that’s why it’s interesting, because he is over power!! I also love how he throw his fist! 😀

But this is the 1st Jason Statham movie that didn’t contains any adultery, I mean like kissing or sex scene (crank is ridiculously bad btw.. >_<), but instead of inserting a female lead, they cast a little Chinese girl who act as a genius kids.  The girl is so cute and  she can talk English fluently! Whoa~ 😀

Man In Black 3 (starring Will Smith)

Okay, is it really trend making a movies/dramas about time-travelling?
So it’s not only kdramas, but all the universe is suffer this!

Remember The Avengers, the Captain America is also a time-traveller. The last time I watch Dark Shadows (Johnny Depps – Tim Burton), well it’s not totally time-travelling, but he was locked up and set free after 200++ years. And this movie is also having a time traveling theme, of course with time machine since it’s a really sophisticated century. 😉

I never watch any Men In Black movie before (this is the 1st one), I also don’t know that they fight aliens. So when I watch the movie, I was like bring some foods inside, and almost throw up seeing so many stickiness from the monsters (yikeeeesssssss~ >_<).

But the movie is really good!! I love how the story goes, and how’s the fate is fated. So the one who died in the past, will still die (so final destination).

Out Of Topic : I hope Boong Do wouldn’t experienced this…

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Gifts From Jeju!

Gifts From Korea

Recently, my friend have just come back from Korea, she gave me some snack from Jeju and some gifts.

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If I was being asked what I want as a souvenir I will always answer “phone-strap” or amulet from a shrine haha 🙂

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Chocolate from Jeju, one pack (10.000 won)  contains 5 boxes.

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Each box has a different taste. It was “Jeju Mandarin Chocolate” (orange), “Jeju Green Tea Chocolate“, “Jeju Hallabong Chocolate” (It’s another kind of orange), “Jeju Cactus Chocolate“, and “Jeju Raspberry Chocolate“.

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So each box contains 6 chocolate, the flavor tasted inside the chocolate, it’s quite delicious.

고마워요 마야씨, 이 초콜릿 너무 맛있어요~ ^^

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She also gave me 2 Etude Masks, hehehe

Feel Guilty to My Wallet (again?!)

Feel guilty because it’s only several month ago (maybe 2 or 3 month ago), I’ve just buying so many make up, and then again, I ask her to buy me some make up from there (since it was so much cheaper there hehe), no wonder korean girls having such a flawless skin >_<.

So I gave her 50.000 won to buy some make up I used to use.

50.000 won

She come back at Monday, and today I get the stuff (along with the souvenirs, thank you so much chinguya~) 😉

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It’s a bottle of Moistfull Collagen Toner (12.000 won) and Sun BB (17.000 won), it’s a bonus pack so I got an extra cotton pads hehhee…

Sun BB

Actually I ordered BB Sunguard and tangerine lipstick, but the stock is empty, so I just bought another 1 Sun BB. Wanting to buy this product since I watch Queen In Hyun’s Man and saw the CF. The CF said it’s cool (written there “cool fix“) so I assume it maybe add some cool essence while applying it to the face? Not sure either I haven’t use it yet. And it also got high SPF 50+ which better than the one I’m using right now, it’s only SPF 30+.

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