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I always forgot about this kind of day to celebrate…

I think I’m not a good daughter for keep forgetting about this day. I’m not someone who can easily utter word like “I love you, Mom!” on valentine’s day, or “Thank you, Mom!”, even “I’m sorry, Mom”, almost never utter through my mouth… It’s not that I’m not having a close relationship with her. I’m soooo close like a best friend, even talk, I’m using banmal (informal language, like I’m talking to a best friend), we even shouting each other and laughing our ass off sometimes. All my friend always surprised if they heard me talking on the phone with my mom, they thought I’m talking to my friend because I’m really using an informal way of talking with her (not only my mom, I did talk like that with my dad also, this is the way our family talking each other). And I find it really awkward to say something like  “I love you, Mom!”, “Thank you, Mom!” or “I’m sorry, Mom”. I’m such a bad daughter. But inside my heart I really love both of them, and grateful for being born in this family, even it’s just a small family with just the 4 of us.

As always, I forgot this day, and the person who reminds me is Valdrin. This is one of my senpai who live in New York. And today he said:

Vald : What are you going to do tomorrow?
Me    : huh? tomorrow? Umm, Nothing.
Vald : Nothing?
Me    : What am I suppose to do tomorrow? What day is it?
Vald : It’s May 13th, Mother’s Day!
Me    : OH!!! my gosh, I’m totally forgot about that..!!!

I always want to buy something for my Mom on Mother’s day, buy something that she like. I think a couple years ago I ever bought her an apron, a pair of cook glove so she didn’t burn her hand, and a rubber glove for washing so her hand didn’t damage because of keep on water.  But It’s ended she never wear it even once, the gloves stuck on the cupboard and never been seen. She even told me she likes barehand when cooking, and also not to spend money like that and saving up for my unknown future.

So since I’m almost forget about the Mother’s day only this thing come up to my mind, I will cook for her!

Chilli Tuna Spaghetti

So I decided to cook today, I’m RARELY cook hehehe. Doesn’t means that I can’t cook. I could, but my cooking is depend on my mood hahaha. I ever make kimbab, maki roll, omurice, black forest cake, and many other hahaha. I’m quite a good cook… if you see the food appearance ^^ sometimes the taste is kinda…. hehehe…weird LOL~ But they said it’s delicious, but I doubt it. They are TRYING to PLEASE me! BWAHAHAAAA I know it =____=

The spaghetti I used to eat is San Remo, It tasted better than any other uncooked pasta I ever bought.

 1. Boil the Spaghetti for around 15 minutes (actually I only use my instinct ^^).

2. The Chilli Tuna Sauce (yummy~)


3. The Chilli Tuna Spaghetti is DONE!!

I’m afraid to ask them how it tasted, the taste is fine for me. Far from delicious but edible (LOL). Without I’m asking, they said that “Wow this is more delicious than before!!“. The “than before”, I’m surely everyone can assume the number I ever cooked pasta is not once but many times. So it means my previous tasted more TERRIBLE than this one :O LOL~ I’ll just take it as compliment hehehhe…I’ll keep making pasta until I find the secret recipe of the deliciousness!!!

My mom packed some for my niece, she go visit my bro’s home with my dad, of course without the sauce since she’s not allowed to eat sauce yet.

This time, my mom is the one who forgot that today is Mother’s day. And I didn’t tell her either. 😉

The continue of the conversation

Vald : So what are you going to do tomorrow?
Me    : Hmmm, let’s see… I haven’t prepared any gift for her… Maybe I’ll just cook spaghetti for her.
Vald : Wow, sounds nice!
Me    : How about you senpai?
Vald : I usually buy a bucket of flowers, and give her some money so she can do what she what she wants.
Me    : :O what a good son! flowers!! She would really happy for that!

(I want to have a son like you who will buy me flower on Mother’s day!!)

PS : Since I’m rarely cook so I’ll just post my rare cook here. And thanks for jump jump around here, even I know you probably accidentally hit this page hahaha xD

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