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My Birthday Treat

It was like a tradition to have a treat when it’s birthday, even though my birthday is already over pass 2 months ago (it was March 18th). I decided to treat 4 of my friend to a Japanese restaurant.


Among all the written menus, I pick Omurice. Okay, I admit that my choice was influenced by Rooftop Prince, they ate omurice deliciously to the point I want to eat that too, LOL. There’s a katsu curry, but doesn’t taste good, the curry smells too strong, I can’t really eat that. But the omurice is perfect! I want learn how to make that omurice xD

Curry Baked Rice

My friend picked this menu, and it taste really delicious!


This ramen also taste delicious despite the small amount of noodle (probably should order the large size one), the ramen taste really good.

The other friend ordered Udon and Donburi with salmon teriyaki as topping. The udon taste delicious, but the donburi with salmon teriyaki is taste too sweet for him.

The Belated Birhday Gift

I got this lipstick as a birthday present, it’s Bourjois’s Sweet Kiss with color Pink Folk. This lipstick is matte kind and not glossy at all. It’s stay long on the lips and not stain any trace. It’s really a good lipstick, and the color is really fit me. He’s a guy but yet he can give a perfect gift like this makes me wonder heheee how can he pick the color? :o,

Anyway, thank you so much for the gift, I’ll use it wisely wahahahaha 😉

The Incident

After the treat, we are going to watch “The Avenger”. And actually there’s an incident that pissed me off at the cinema. It was all crowded and I accidentally bump to a girl, and her bf was like “WTH”, oh come on? you’re guy and yet yelling around like sh*t? Are you trying to look great in front of your GF?

Get a life dude!!!

The Avengers Class

The movie was really amazing, and really funny! xD

I know I was quite crazy for a gamer, but however when I saw the heroes there, it reminds me of the class in Eden Eternal.

Iron man was like an engineer ,
Captain America is the tank,
Natasha is the thief (she’s good in sneaking and spying haha),
Burton is a great hunter (using bow),
Hulk is like an MA (Martial Arts), he using barehand to kick them off,
Thor is a warrior (who using a hammer-mjolnir xD), and
Loki is the warlock (with his staff, the staff looks so great!), and if you look in details, he need casting time when using the staff (LOL~)

Okay, let’s stop the nonsense here wahahah 😀

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