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Today, April 21th, Audrey is a 1 year 3 months 1 weeks 3 days baby  (WTH?! ROFL xD). Okay just ignored this crazy Gomo’s counting her niece’s age.

She can eat Spaghetti now!!! (but without the sauce :|)

Poor Audrey she eat the spaghetti without sauce (that must be tasteless), but she seems really like it hahaha xD

Okay, I’ll blame the doctor for preventing her to eat sweet and salty things. The doctor said that its better to eat the sweet at 2 years age. But that’s still a long way to go, another 9 months.

Her mom said that, that’s not a big deal to eat the sweet now or later, in the end she will be able eat anything, but just not now. Hehe what a wise Mom 🙂 So I think we will just stick to what doctor said, not to give her any salt, sweet or salty food now. The Doctor sure know it better than us hehe.

Actually today we ate here for the celebration of Nee-san’s birthday at April 12th a week ago. I gave her a blouse as the birthday gift. I hope she like it.

Happy birthday nee-san, wish you all the best. And…
You’re the best Mom for Audrey. 😉

PS : Ukhh, I know I should put my Nee-san pic here, but can’t find any since she doesn’t like to be pictured huhuhu…. so I will just put an old picture when Audrey around 8-9 months hehee 😀

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