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This happen in virtual world in Eden Eternal on Sapphire between guildmates.

This conversation started when I bump one of my guild senpai in a town named Aven, so I greet him.

Aika  : Hi, senpai
Lil      : Aika, did you call me “senpai”?
Aika  : yes, senpai. Why? You don’t want to be called senpai?

Lil      : Ah, ofc, you can call me senpai.
Aika  : All of you are senpai to me except Pain.

Lil      : LOL, why Pain is an exeption?
Aika  : Because he’s my lovely kohai

Pain  : LOL, since when I’m your Kohai.

Aika  : You don’t want to be called Kohai? Ok then how bout dongseng?
Neoneun naeui dongseng I nikka.

Pain  : Don’t want that one either,
and stop talking with korean since I dont understand.

Aika : but you know it’s korean ;p
Lil     : maybe because of the “dongseng”?

Pain  : I watch their reality show, running man, it’s funny.

Aika  : Oh… I know that reality show it’s pretty popular though I dont watch it.
Then, how about oppa?

Lil      : What is oppa?
Aika  : onii-chan?

Lil      : oh, aika you can call me oppa too if you want.
Aika  : okay, Lil oppa.
Pain  : don’t call me that, you creep me out

Aika  : Pain oppa~

Btw, normally guy likes to be called “oppa”.
Lil      : Pain is special
Aika  : extraordinary

Pain  : well, you know being called “oppa” by someone older than you feels weird.
Aika  : I know I’m old ;_;
Lil   : LOL, old?
Aika  : How old are you lil btw?

Lil      : I’m 17
Aika  : lmao

Lil      : you?
Aika  : 20++++

Lil      : 24 then?
Pain  : close

Aika  : 20+++++

Lil      : 25?
Aika  : all of you should call me noona!

Pain  : okay, I’ll call you noona then

Lil      : Aika noona.
Aika  : okay, let’s stop this, *goosebumps* LOL

Actually I addressed them “senpai” because even they’re younger than me, they have more experience in this game, so I think “senior” will be perfect to addressed them. Not related to their age. Even I’m older, well I’m a noob in the game.

Pain is a “senpai” exception because for me he’s my best friend, and was like my master hahaha, and yet he’s younger 5 years old than me ;_;

This is a miracle things in playing online games, to be friends with people we don’t know each other, the age, which country they’re came from, their real names, everything is just mysterious. But even we don’t know each other, we can be friends, and sometimes it even feels better because we be friends just the way we are (imo). 😉

And today 2 person compliment me by saying that I’m a good healer. We are in a dungeon named crooked, Pulp is the tanker (she tanking with her warrior), and Mice is using his engineer.

Pulp : Aika, you’re really a good healer.
Aika : Why? D:
Pulp : I supposed to dead back then.
Mice : Ikr! You makes this dungeon run smooth.

All I want to say that I’m so happy and flattered ! (even it’s just a game, compliment is a compliment right? xD).

Thank you!

열심히 하겠습니다!

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