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Whoa, in the next 2 days, Audrey will become a 1 year 3 months baby~ YAY~ *clap clap clap*

Time goes so fast sigh… she can walk now *giggle*, and of course running on the bed :p

Today is my 1st Easter with Audrey, My bro and his wife come to visit us  (Mom, Dad, and me). Audrey got her HelloKittop (Hello Kitty Laptop) lol, it’s just a talking toy hehehe. she likes it so much. After playing all day at her Grandpa-Grandma house. We heading to the church, isn’t it Easter? hheehee (I’m not that religious since I’m a deist, I only go Church when it’s Easter and Christmas), or maybe so that I can play with Audrey 😉 )

The Church is really crowded (It’s Easter after all). Audrey likes to play with water bottle, so to keep her calm I let her play with my water bottle (she likes to scream, it will be bad if she scream there) but then she accidentally dropped the bottle and crack it to the ground, the water splash on the church floor~ Omoooo~ Audrey! Dx I was pretend like nothing happen~LOL *culprit*

She start to screaming (well actually it’s kind of talking, but no one knows the meaning), so my bro took her out of the Church and play with her outside, me and nee-san continue pray.

Ah, and It’s Easter, we light up the candle and singing some song. Audrey doesn’t want to hold the candle, so I hold the candle for her ;p And since it was in the Church, I didn’t take any pic there 😦

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