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I don’t like to spend my Sunday outside, I will just lock my self home to rest, so that I have more power to fight for the next 6 days. Even on my birthday. I’m thinking to celebrate it next week at home. I hope aniki, onee-san and Audrey can come. My house have just done after being renovated around 3 weeks (I can still smells the paint smell). So we are going to celebrate the house, my birthday and my Dad’s birthday together.

The Birthday Gift

LOL, I never thought that I will still get a birthday gift at this age 🙂 (And still being happy receiving the gift). I love surprise. The gift is not coming from my bf (since I don’t have any). I got it from aniki, nee-san and Audrey.

A Flower Necklace

This flower necklace was inside the pinky little bag, I assume this is from nee-san, thank you onee-chan. I really love this necklace. 😉

And I assume that red envelope (which is contains money $_$) is from aniki. ありがとうございます、兄貴!

Thanks for the gift xD~


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Bad (In Game) Experience

Bad Memories

Actually it was a bad day (in virtual world),
before turn into a nice day (in real world).

Since it’s my birthday…..

I got into a party trials (this is game thingy about getting into a dungeon with some people), and make a mistake which makes me turn into “ninja” (lol, I don’t understand why they named it “ninja” because it sounds cool). So, ninja is someone who took items that not belongs to you. I got kicked by the party leader, and then forced to leave the guild by the guild leader.

Isn’t there’s a common sense to let someone learn from mistake?

once is mistake, twice is stupidity, thrice is habit.

Isn’t a leader should protect their followers?
I’m not angry to him for that, I’m just a bit disappointed that he think more for the guild image  than my feelings (since I’m a new member anyway).

This game can make you have many friends, but also can make enemies.

Even it’s just a game, but the feeling is real, when you being sad, you will still sad on real world. I’m so sad, makes my feelings in real world is also messed up. I don’t feel like doing anything.

But maybe that also the way to make a new friends by getting into a new guild. And learn that not everyone in this world can tolerate one mistake, that forgiving someone is maybe really hard, and how a word such as “F*ck you” can be easily utter from the typing. How do you think being called that? That was my first time… That’s feel terribly bad… :/

I know it’s my mistake, my fault, and I don’t deny it, even so I still want to say:

Sorry, I really don’t know that, and it was a mistake. I hope you can forgive me.

And a bad day, that my computer is really hard to tolerate this game. I know this computer need a new Harddisk, but can you give me more time… I need to save up the money T____T

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