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The poster makes this drama looks like a saeguk (Historical Drama), but it is NOT! xD~

Why you must watch Feast of The Gods

For you who likes a drama with some family problem, cooking, and lovely romance with sweet cool guy! (lol what the heck is that), and maybe some childhood story, this drama is all in one drama. Starring Sung Yu Ri, Lee Sang Woo & Joo Sang Wook, makes this drama more adorable. I’m currently on a state super addicted to this drama.

The Reason I survive watching a 32 episodes drama (I was only watch max 30 eps drama):

Kim Do Yoon (muhahahaha~xD)

Who the heck is “Kim Do Yoon” ?

This is the 1st drama that I don’t know who exactly the male lead. At first I think it’s Jae Ha (because he got some childhood story with the female lead). But in the middle of story, I feel that the story more about Do Yoon, and I was like;

“Pleaseeeee, let my Do Yoon to be the male lead!” xD~

But now even he’s the 2nd lead, as long as he’s the one who get the girl in the end. 😉

—=======ALERT : This may contain SPOILER? xD=======—

10 things I love about Do Yoon:

1. Likes Robots

Even it’s sounds chldish to play robotic toy at that age (30’s), but for me, that’s a plus point xD
A guy should love robots!

2. Play Games

it seems his “important thing” to do is playing games xD

This is personal reason, I love guy who play games. Didn’t addicted that much, they still do their job perfectly, and play games on their freetime 😀

3. Less Talk
ok, this one is considered as being “cool”.

There are several scene of Do Yoon when he actually trying to comfort Joon Young, but turn out to make her more upset -LOL. He’s not good at talking, but everything was done by action ;p

4. Killing Smile
He doesn’t smile too often, but once he smile, OMG!  +_+  *melt into water*

5. Cooking

He’s a guy who can cook! (he’s a chef anyway :3)

6. Ignorant
This is one of his character that he (at first) actually an ignorant guy with some bad-manner personality. But I think that’s a good thing, even got a bit bad-manner, he still a gentle guy who wouldn’t let a girl freezing outside, and didn’t let a girl spending night on the street. He’s not a guy who being nice to every woman (like Jae Ha), but probably only to the woman he loves. 😉

7. Watch the girl back

He’s the type of guy who keep looking the girl from far away.

Go Go Do Yoon, chase her! xD

8.Love his bro so much

He’s such a lovely younger brother 😀

9.Bad Kisser

LOL, this is the most funny kissing scene, because after he kissed the girl he said that it was an “accident”. Oh boy, you should just tell her that you love her, don’t say that it was an accident, LMAO (I think he just being panic xD), by saying that i think he deserve to be kicked xD.

10.Athletic Body
I dont have to say anything about this right?
He looks perfectly normal guy when he dressed up, even just with a T-shirt, but … actually behind that outfit, he has muscles! xD

11, 12, 13, …?
I will add it up later because there are too many things I adore from him, and the drama still on 12th Episode, tomorrow will be air the 13th. I’m really looking forward to watch it 😉

I do really hope that the writer didn’t twist the story and turn him into a bad-ass guy. I will smash my screen if that happen Dx

PS : The story is not all about Do Yoon, it’s just my review is all about Do Yoon ._.

Sorry for jumping into my nonsense xD~~~~


CONTAIN SPOILER!!! <Added this up after finish the whole drama>

So the 1st half round is a great success with a strong story, but ended up into a big disappointing in the end. They sure can make this story better, but the writer didn’t write it that way. The only good part of the story is only DY and his Mom (they are really great!), and Yeon Woo became the master chef. I totally agree with that, and I got the meaning of this drama, that if you try your best and didn’t bewitched, you actually can overcome the obstacle. If only Baek Seol didn’t commit the crime of cheating 22 years ago, she will be the Master Chef. The food Yeon Woo serve is suggested by Baek Seol. So actually, she will be the one who win, but she was intimidated and commit cheating, all disaster happening. And the same thing happen to Yeon Woo. So far, I think the theme is good.

BUT the rest is totally crap and turning into disaster. Arirang turning into sh*t, and JH is not even appear after 1 year later (oh come on, he’s one of the leads, we want to know what did he done, did he find another better girl, did he living his life better).  I’m raging here because I was a big fan of this drama before they turn it into this. Too much draggy, and slow romance development. What’s with that ENDING?!?!?! No Hugs no Kisses, only kicking and staring…. I’m satisfying enough with “Can You Hear My Heart” ending, even there’s no kiss and hug kind of ending, and also its also a makjang drama, but ended awesomely. What happen here? D:

From now on I will totally avoid makjang drama!!!


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