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Today I realized that I’m someone who can focus doing 1 thing at a time.

For example when I’m doing material purchasing but then my boss ask me to order lunch, then after I ordered it, I will completely forget what was I’m doing before that, and it takes several hours until I finally remember “Oh, I was going to do this!” (=..=)

I can’t read book (freely) in a bookstore, many people doing this, standing in front of the bookshelf and read it. But it’s hard for me to focus on the story if I’m reading in a crowded place (even it’s quite silent). So reading on a bus, or any other place will be the same. But I think I can read under the tree. 😀

The thing’s that I could do at the same time

  1. Listen to music while I’m working. I always do this, especially when I get sleepy, I will listen to rock song to keep my consciousness -LOL
  2. Watching TV while cooking. (haha, I think every Mom in this world can do this either) 🙂
  3. Answering phone while hanging on the bus? LOL. (or driving a car)

Sometimes, even you think you’re capable to do so many things at the same time, I think it’s always better if you do one in a time, because it’s more secure. Capable doing everything in a time means you can save more time, but also get some risk (human error – LOL).

Things That I Can’t Do on The Same Time

Game VS Drama

I can’t watch dramas while I’m playing games 😦

So many episode I want to watch, but I want to play the game, I want to going out with my friends, want to watch movie in cinema too. I also didn’t update my blog for a very long time, sigh. So many Audrey’s pic that I want to upload, ukhhhh…. (>_<)

I need more time to enjoy this life… (and more money too , *wink* ;p)

9 hours of my time for 1 day already gone at work, 6 hours for sleep, 2 hours for traffic jam. Only 6 hours remains to enjoy my life. And now I’m thinking a wise way to spend this time. Even though I know games and dramas is not the answer (that  I’m only on the addicted state…)

Perhaps the answer is “family” 😉

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