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Love is coming silently…
Unnoticed, without you even realize it…
Slowly but sure…
and she finally found a way to a new love…

Picture by Nikayla Elizabeth

 Julia was being left alone in this world by her hubby last May 18th. I still remember clearly in my head how she’s trembling painfully when I gave her a hug on the funeral. I’m glad that she can overcome this state less than a year. She’s a tough woman and She just 27 years old; too young to keep linger on sadness. Knowing that love coming its way, I told her not to shut her heart completely and open some space in her heart. I feel a bit sad when I realize how a dead person being forgotten so fast, feel bad to her hubby. But I know this is the best choice, the forsaken should keep living their life, and somehow I think maybe her late hubby would also think the same way.

She’s now dating with one of our colleagues, a guy 3 years younger than her. She’s a bit confuse, not confident, and too much worries. Well, this is how a woman thinks; sometimes it’s not simple, and kind of complicated. Men can take this as a lesson to try to understand a woman way of thinking; it started from a little insecure feeling, for example,

How she looks like when she’s walking with the guy, did she looks old for him.
What people would say when they know she’s dating a younger guy,
That she’s a widow,
How the guy family can accept a woman like her into his family,

So many other simple insecure thought that would lead them to a little fight. A little fight which will lead them to even a bigger fight. It’s normal for her to think that way, she think that she’s not good enough for him.

For time like this, instead of getting pissed on the woman’s complicated feelings, turn off the phone and go sleep (this is what he does =..=). The guy should just give her an answer which would make her feels secure and convince her that this is the right way.

Now I’m just hoping that guy can treasure her more than her late hubby.

If this is drama, this might be her season 2 😉

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