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Gosh, Time slip so fast! 

I still remember how I spend my last year Valentine’s day, by making a description of Dream Man. It’s almost 1 year passed, and there’s no trace of any Dream Man around me. xD~ (Hell yeah Dream Man = Dream on~ >_<)

Today is February 9th 2011, Audrey is 13 months baby now. She can talk “pa pa pa~”, and “ma ma ma~”, let’s considered it as she can called their parents now (LOL). Last Sunday, her parent took her to a dept store, and she seems so happy (super happy!). She can walks now 😉

I already prepared a Valentine’s Gift for her. I wrapped it nicely like always.

I put a dotted ribbon to make it looks a bit cute.

I also add a greeting card, a -mini- greeting card (LOL)

Peeking the stuff inside, Wohoo~ It’s a couple T-shirt for Audrey and Her Mom!!

Tomorrow my Mom will go to Aniki’s home, she will bring the gift with her, so it’s gonna be an ealier Valentine’s Gift for them. I hope they like it. 🙂

PS :
I’m sorry Aniki, there’s no Valentine’s gift for you,
the gift goes to Audrey and her Mom xD)

-= A Little Knowledge =- Do you know?

Do you know that in Irish Mythology, there’s a God named Dian?
It’s Dian Cecht, the “God of Healing” in Irish Mythology. He blessed a well which can heals any wound (except for those who beheaded). He ever saved Ireland once and he has a story behind the River Barrow (A beautiful place in Ireland, I want to go there once ;D)

He’s such a powerful God, right?
That’s why, don’t you ever underestimate a healer!
(He inspired me to be a healer)

And my sis in law has the same name with him 😉

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