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Gaman (我慢, がまん) is japanese for “Endure”
This is what I’m doing right now…

In my previous post, I’ve just spend a lot of money for make up. and the next day I’ve spend a lot of money for a concert ticket. I’m going to fulfill one of my bucket list soon, because they’re coming to my country!!
*YAAAAYY~~* ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ

I’m a big fan of them, feels like a dream! Finally I can watch their concert! (I always watch their concert through screen). And now I will be one of them who jumping under the stage when they’re singing!!! and squealing around with light stick on the right hand!*excited* o(≧▽≦)o

My Endurance

But this life is about choice, I’m not that rich for being fine after spend so much money for make up and then bought a concert ticket. So I have to endure, restrain myself for several activities which cost a lot of money, like going to cinema and hang out with friends.

To be truth, enduring something you always do, it doesn’t feels good at all. I usually going to cinema, watch the new movies. It was like I watch almost all of movie up on cinema (which meet my interest). But this time, for the sake of my survival (this month) LOL, I have to endure all of those activity. And eating delicious food, delicious food -of course- cost a lot of money. I’ll just eat the dish my mom’s cook, even sometimes I’m drooling over other foods.

Actually I never really know how precious 1 buck. But now I realize it, that even 1 buck is really precious, especially when you’re broke. (>_<) How I treasure one buck, by trying so hard to spend it wisely! I hate to admit that money is important, it’s important because we need it…

GAHHHH I haven’t watch “Underworld: Awakening” and “Chronicles“. But I will definitely watch “The Vow“, the romantic drama which will released February 10th for the Valentine’s Day this year.

To restrain for these activity, I lock myself in my room, play games and watching drama (currently watch “The Moon That Embrace The Sun”, “Wild Romance”, “99 days with Star).

Then again, just like the “Mysterious May” for me, I always play games around February to June every year (it was repeated but with a different kind of game). I  play online games (MMORPG) Eden Eternal. It’s good to kill time and also get some fun. You will got more friends around the world. Since I  quite narcissist, I took a lot pic of my characters. xD~ (I’ll add it up later)


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