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Today I feel so guilty for my wallet…
I spent a lot of money just for cosmetics thingy… *sigh*

My Excuse

It’s something that I need (something that -maybe- every women needs xD). Don’t have many logical reason, a woman even just go for a walk, they need to put some make-up on their face, even it’s just a moisturizer/lotion. I don’t know why, I don’t even wear any heavy make-up like eye shadow, mascara (I don’t really know how to put it on my eyelashes), eye-liner (this one I’m still learning how to put it on my eye, it’s terribly hard.).
I only put bb-cream, a bit powder, blush on (sometimes), and lip tint. Most of them is Etude, except the powder, I use Missha, and Revlon for eye shadow.

It was on sale, the last sale day. I only bought a toner, bb-cream and eye liner, I got a freebie cosmetic bag (got this if you bought a certain amount), and some sample of products. It’s worth it, so I just grab it without thinking. If Mom know about this, she will definitely scold me >_< (I hide it on my bag, and run towards my room, I hide it on my closet xD).


I will restrain myself from any event until the next payday (Oh noooo, there’s Valentine’s Day next month >_<). I should keep it strict, if I’ want to survive this month *super-exaggerated*.

I hope I can find a part-time job.  T____T Anything would do…

This month I had so much expenses. I need to fulfill  my bucket list. I’m going to buy a concert ticket of the only band I loved (it cost a lot, too bad I can’t aim for VIP ticket, I’m so hell broke T____T). But I’m really happy, I wish I can grab the ticket!

The Most Needed?

Of course cosmetics is not the most needed for woman, I think the most needed is clothes, because woman cannot bare-chest like guy, right? -LOL

Yeah, at least without make-up, woman can still walking around here and there. But they cannot walk around here and there without clothes (except on their own home xD)


In the end, I’m just a woman… ( =..= )
so much temptation… *LOL*

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