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Today I watch another movie (seems all my live was cycling around movie -LOL). It’s Paradise Kiss based on manga with the same name, an awesome J-Movie 2011 about catching dream and love, such a meaningful movie for me, and has a sweet ending. Starring Kitagawa Keiko, Osamu Mukai (I watching this movie because of them) and Yamamoto Yusuke (I was surprised that he was here too xD a happy surprise!).

Okay, please don’t get pervert (*slap my forehead-LOL), even the title is Paradise Kiss, it’s not a kiss-kisses kind of movie (the movie do have some kisses … *blushhh*), but “Paradise Kiss” is a brand name in the movie. So it’s a story about a group of designer from an art university, they’re looking for  a person to be their model (for their last Fashion Show Graduation). Nice movie about catching their dream.

The Scene That Touch My Heart

(Erhmmm… the scene that actually, slap my cheek…)

Actually, several days (around 1 week from last Thursday), I’m struggling around this problem. When all the peoples are walking towards their dream, I’m stuck on the place where I’m standing right now, wondering what my dream is (Gaaahhhhh~ I’m a woman without dream…>_<), how to grab my dream. I’m quite down for it, and somehow lose my energy (super exaggerated xD). But this movie has some line which slaps me pretty hard, opened up my mind, and also give me more guts. It was like a sweet coincidence, when I really need an answer, the male lead gives me the answer through this movie.

The Encouragement

Quoted from the movie (we can learn japanese from movie~ 😉)

Yukari (The female lead) said;
(This is what I always ask myself…)

私なんかなれると思う? | Watashi nanka nareru to omou?
Do you think I can make it?
才能 あるかな? | Sainou aru ka na?
Do I have talent?

And this is the encouraging answer from Koizumi George (The male lead);
(This line is really slapped me, and also encourage me at the same time…)

だからお前は分かってないんだ。| Dakara omae wa wakattenainda.
You don’t get it, do you?
夢を掴むのは才能じゃない、 想いだ。| Yume wo tsukamu no wa sainou janai, omoi da.
To grab your dream, it’s not about talent, it’s desire.
お前の想いは本物なら、必ずなれる。| Omae no omoi wa honmono nara, kanarazu nareru.
If that’s what you really want, you can definitely do it.
自分の可能性失きゃ、何も始まらないよ。| Jibun no kanosei ushinakya, nanimo hajimaranai yo.
Nothing happen unless you believe in yourself.
何とかなる! | Nantoka naru!
It’ll work out somehow!

And then Yukari said;

ここから一人で頑張る。 | Koko kara hitori de ganbaru.
From now on, I’ll do my best alone.

(Yoshhhh~ I’ll do my best too, Yukari! xD 一緒に頑張ろう~!)

When I’m watching movies, sometimes I didn’t watched it only for fun. After I watched it, somehow I got something. I think that what a movie should have 😉

Now I’m thinking on a way to grab my dream, I want to take a step. A step towards my unknown dream.

でも… どこから始めればいいの?
But… Where should I start?

PS :
1. Wow, they’re filming in New York!! xD
2. This movie has 2 kissing scenes! (This is really not important at all, you can just ignore me xD~~)

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