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Lunar New Year celebration start on Monday January 23 2011. Actually I don’t really celebrate this, but it’s tradition.

And according old people, red envelope (contains money) is given only by married people to kids and the unmarried. And if the unmarried give money with red envelope, it will make them get misfortune all the way through the year *sigh*. So there’s no need for me to give my niece a red envelope. But they say, you can give the money with an envelope with any colors except “red”.

An Orange Envelope with Sakura !

So I make this “Orange Envelope”. It’s just part of my hobby 😀

This is how it looks

This is how it looks when it’s open

The Ingredients :

It’s a easy self-customized handicraft, so you can just add anything you like. You just need,

1. Fabric

2. Sewing Tools (Scissors, thread, sewing needles), Glue, Ribbon.

How to make :

Draw The Pattern
You should draw it on paper (some people who skillful, they can draw the pattern on the fabric) , how big you want the envelope, both side, also draw a sakura and sakura petal. Then you cut the fabric according to the pattern.

Sew them with sewing needle
I prefer sewing it by hand, glue just a helper. Glue only to make sure it stick rightly.

It’s really easy, took less than 1 hour to make it 😉

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